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  1. I filmed and uploaded my thoughts on whether the Pink BS Mall brushes are a dupe for the Too Faced Teddy Bear brushes. I do a side by side comparison of each brush to decide. IMG_1010 by Jolene Barnett, on Flickr http://https://youtu.be/Lu5fF2B37pg
  2. I usually end up giving away any eyeshadow palettes that come in these boxes. Some of them are nice enough or have good colors, but I find I already have similar palettes from higher end brands that are easier to work with. So I'm not going to make the effort to make a coastal scents neutral palette work, when I already have the Urban Decay version. Now if they sent, say, a brights palette, I'd be more inclined to keep that since i don't buy expensive shadows in those shades as much because I don't use them as often. So it would be worth having them around to play with, even if the pigmentation wasn't as good. This makes me sounds like such a snob. Really, I prefer when they send full size single products because they tend to be higher quality overall. Guess I'm spoiled that way.
  3. I had things like powder and lipgloss in jr high, so that was around age 13. I was off and on with makeup in high school. I used it whenI felt like it, but was usually too lazy.
  4. Hey, I haven't been around in awhile, so forgive me if this comment seems out of the blue but I do have a few thoughts on the topic. I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in November, and I use MyFitnessPal, which is a food diary and general health tracker, to keep track of a variety of health factors. Carb counts are really important when you're diabetic, and since you can search foods within the app, it's easy to see how many carbs a food has, as well as how many a whole meal has. (and also fiber content, which is also important for diabetics) This includes a lot of restaurant items, which previously I had to try and look up the restaurants website, and try to find nutritional info for various menu items. Often sides and entrees would be listed separately so trying to keep a running total of what was what got frustrating, where as now I type it in and it's all right in front of me. So much easier. I do pay attention to the calories, but I don't over stress about them. I have a general goal my doctor set for me and I use that as a guideline, but if I'm over sometimes, oh well. If I'm at a birthday party, I have a piece of cake and don't sweat it. The work I've done to keep my overall numbers (calories and carbs) in the right range has also kept my blood sugar levels really steady, so an indulgence here and there doesn't put me in danger. I've also lost weight almost as a side effect, and that has really brought down both my day to day numbers as well as lowered my A1C (which measures how often your blood sugar is high over a 3 month period). I am highly motivated to not have to use injectables to control my diabetes, so being able to control it with diet and exercise is a big deal for me. Anyway, my point is that having a food diary/calorie tracking app isn't necessarily a bad thing. It's proved to be a useful tool for me in managing my health overall. I could just choose to use insulin injections to control my diabetes and just eat whatever, but I'm a needle chicken and would prefer to put that off as long as possible. And since I have been able to improve my overall health, I am able to indulge without feeling guilty or worrying about bad side effects. I know what and how much of a treat I can eat safely and that is actually very empowering when it comes to feeling in control of my own health.
  5. The liners look good. I'm oddly interested in that mustard color. Hopefully I won't get an UD lipstick because I'm allergic to one of the ingredients.
  6. I could write a list a mile long, but I think that so long as I contain to maintain and improve my overall health and otherwise just keeping moving forwards rather than back, I'll be good.
  7. Sounds good to me. I'm not going to cancel my tipsy or boxy charm subs but otherwise I'm happy to step back. I'm planning to do my annual photo of what I bought in the last year and it's a bit embarrassing (awesome, but embarrassing based on the $$$ it represents). This needs to extend to yarn too. I may already have more projects in mind and purchased for than I can reasonably accomplish in 6 months. Possibly even a year. And that is assuming no one I know gets knocked up and requires blanket.
  8. I just got the 10% code. I really want to get a bottle of the Too Faced Born this Way foundation after trying out a sample. And you know, about 1000 other products i don't actually need. I thinking maybe the Natural Mattes palette too, but I'm waffling.
  9. I signed up to hear more about the Charlotte Tilbury box (book?). I have a feeling I don't want to know the cost, lol.
  10. I made my first ever Halloween tutorial for youtube. It's my first time trying to do any acting for a video so I'm both excited and nervous about it. I've become to addicted to American Horror Story and Sally jumped out at me right away. If nothing else it was an excuse to buy a crazy wig. Bonus feature to this costume is you don't have to worry about your makeup all night, the messier it gets, the better it looks! I'm still working on video lighting and backgrounds and all, so feedback is welcome.
  11. Just signed up for a subscription. I've been putting it off since they seem to do a lot of fragrance and my family is very sensitive to perfumes. I'll try for a few months and see if I like it.
  12. I'm kind of glad a canceled. I've seen a few unboxings, and I'm underwhelmed. Glossy box does too much skincare for me. My skin is fairly fickle and I can't really switch it up that often.
  13. Looks like I'm getting the same box as pictured too. I kinda wish I had a nail polish addiction because I've only done sub boxes since May and have gotten like a dozen of them.
  14. I was seeing a mini picture of a new Gimmie Lip set, but it was down in the suggestions area and if I clicked it said the product didn't exist.
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