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  1. mandys

    Circular Swap Winter 2018

    Stuff I took: stuff I added: also I messaged cpl100 as it was mentioned in the thread she was added to the end. If this isn’t the right order please let me know.
  2. mandys

    Circular Swap Winter 2018

    I got the box today, should be able to send out Monday. Might have time to go through it today but not sure
  3. thanks EdithS2 for all the inspiration. i’m trying to de-clutter and using up my sample stash is a start. i think i am going to make a birchbox of ones to use first and have an initial goal
  4. mandys

    Winter 2018 Circular Swap

    count me in
  5. mandys

    Fall 2017 Circular Swap

    I’d be ready if this were after Christmas, pretty hectic from now till then
  6. mandys

    The official used it up thread!

    Lasts ten emptiest and discards. I have been on a mission to find a HG natural deo and haven't found it yet. I find I get a painful red rash when using them exclusively, currently mixing in with regular anti perspiration. I think it is because my sweat just causes a rash! Open to any good suggestions
  7. mandys

    The official used it up thread!

    Thanks so much! I have been hoarding stuff, and I have a addiction to deals, trying to take a bit of a break and use stuff up to clear some space. I have been doing better with body stuff than makeup, I need to get through my lip glosses soon. It takes so much longer to us even up makeup products than shower stuff
  8. mandys

    The official used it up thread!

    Here is my next batch of used up items. Things I loved: Ocean Salt is my fav! As you can see by the size of that pot. I also really liked the bare republic conditioner, but the bottle design made it nearly impossible to get out. I liked the tarte stick, but the sample lasted only 3 days I was hoping it would last a little longer, since it was a sa,ole I bought
  9. mandys

    The official used it up thread!

    Thanks! Posting here makes me feel accountable for trying to use stuff and lighten my hoard (only to fill with new & exciting things of course). I should do a ban, but I'm focusing on no more in that out. Baby steps
  10. mandys

    The official used it up thread!

    More used up items.
  11. mandys

    Spring 2017 Circular Swap

    I shipped the box Friday. Tracking says it was delivered today.
  12. mandys

    Spring 2017 Circular Swap

    I got the box today. I also got the next address so I can hopefully ship out tomorrow. Hers is what I took And here is what I added:
  13. Did anybody get the regular to compare?
  14. mandys

    Official Lush Thread!

    it's pretty much the greatest thing ever. i got 2 from u.k. orders but now will be grabbing more. i slice off the un-scrubby part to be used as an out of the shower solid lotion bar and use the scrubby bits in the shower
  15. mandys

    Target Beauty Box

    Picked up one of each! A little surprised they still had them this far into the month.
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