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  1. I bought a Dollar General brand makeup remover that is packaged very similarly to Neutrogena's. I'm surprised by how well it works. A lot of cheap -- and not-so-cheap -- eye makeup removers really make my eyes burn and water, like Clinique's and Almay's. I've actually not had this problem with the Dollar General kind.
  2. Maybe this is more of a vent than a question... Somehow, my nails are ALWAYS dirty. I get embarrassed randomly, like when I'm handing cash to a cashier or when I'm handing something to my husband, and I see that the area under my nails is dirty. I clean them all the time, though. I use a nail brush in the bathroom, I keep a nail file with a pointy end in my purse, I'll use a paperclip or something if I notice that they are dirty... Yet, they still get dirty without me even realizing it! It isn't like I have a dirty job or anything. Maybe it's just more noticeable since I don't usually paint my nails? I do a lot of typing because of my job, and painted nails always seem to chip on the ends a lot, so I just keep them clean and clear. Yet, I'm obviously not doing a good job of keeping them clean! This is embarrassing, but does anyone else have this problem?
  3. Thanks for your response, JaydeRose! I think I'm just going to sign up. It's not like I can't cancel if I don't want to. Overall, I like ELF's value. It's nto all the best makeup I've ever used or anything, but I can't complain about the price. I'm assuming I'll get a nice box of goodies for the cost.
  4. I use soap and then shower gel. I'm weird like that. I'm using Ivory bar soap right now (got an excellent deal with coupons, and I've used it off and on since I was a small child). For body wash, I'm using Caress Tahitian Renewal. I love how it smells, and it is slightly exfoliating without being "too much."
  5. Is anyone a fan? I'm thinking about signing up. I've liked most of the ELF products that I've tried...
  6. I get the younger box. I have to say that I wasn't that thrilled with my fall box -- I definitely liked my last one better. I still think it was worth $5, though. Overall, I'm pleased enough with it.
  7. I actually joined this forum because of an email that I got from Ipsy today. I have never had a subscription, but I was thinking about signing up. I Googled "Is Ipsy worth it?" and ended up here. I'm actually getting pretty excited about it now. I'm sold!

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