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  1. I did not get the email regarding the products. In fact, I had issues with my box and emailed her right away. I have not heard back from anyone at Kloverbox. This is really strange and not like what I have come to expect from them. I am extremely disappointed.
  2. I just read on MSA that someone got their one box and the canvas and rug were different then what the spoilers showed. The person said the shipment is coming in two boxes. I am curious to see photos of the items. I am sure everyone will get a variety. It will be curious to see what kind of variety you all get.
  3. I have to agree with you. $195 is just outragous for a box. I can see spending that as a one-time thing but to expect that every quarter is a lot to ask for. The box is great but it isnt WOW I can't live without these items. With stores like One Kings Lane and Home Goods, it is possible now to get really amazing items at a reasonable price. I really think some of these boxes are going to have to step it up or they just won't make it.
  4. Me too! I have been on the waitlist and waiting on Sephora. I don't see anywhere that tells details about the waitlist or what kind of wait to expect. It is frustrating that they create these amazing boxes and then there is no slots for people to become subscribers. Whats the point of advertising the brand new subscription if you have no available slots?
  5. I have to agree. I am excited about this box. Wow! I will use everything and LOVE it I am sure.
  6. I am a VIP Rogue and I AGREE with what you have said. I have seen a huge decline and the customer service is just terrible. I have had issue after issue with my shipments. So many in fact they flagged me and said I have to do all returns and complaints in-store. I defended myself and said how can I be a VIP Rogue without having several orders? My issue is time. I just dont have the time to go into the store everytime I want something. The samples and special gifts haven't been great at all. I feel like everytime I talk to them I am a bother. I miss the deluxe samples I used to get. Now, I have to use points to get the good items. I don't feel there is an insentive to try and be a VIP/Rogue anymore.
  7. I am excited about this box. I don't know how they manage to jam back this box with such a high value but I love it! I can't wait for my box to arrive.
  8. I got my box and it was really amazing. The sunglasses are really cool looking. The blender is really good quality. There were some samples that didn't matter much to me but I was pleased with the higher ticket items. For $50 box I feel like she went out of her way to really bring us some items we can use. I am not sure how to post a photo (if anyone wants to see, let me know please)
  9. Box looks amazing! It reminds me of the old boxes and items we would get. Seemed like for a few months there the boxes were bleh. This box looks high-end and products I will use with the exception of the brushes. But those are great stocking stuffers.
  10. Thats a great point. Usually when it is all makeup I don't mind because that seems easier to get rid of. I can sell, swap, use, abuse, or throw away! But this sandwich wrap is such an odd item, only people who know of it are going to be interested in it. Not to mention the smell is off-putting for food. I am sure it is fine, I just don't know if I feel comfortable having it around my chicken salad sandwich.
  11. I usually love Kloverbox but this box was a miss for me. The sandwich wrap is not something I will use and the towel was ok but it doesn't go with my decor. I think it is hard putting lifestyle items in a subscription box because of peoples tastes.
  12. I am so irritated with Birchbox. I usally don't get to see my month's box until the 11th or 12th and yet several others get to see theirs. I wish they would get with the program and fixed it.
  13. I can see 17 and I can also see late 20s. The makeup made you look older than you are but I agree with the other post that is usually what happens with makeup and your make-up is on fleek. (I have always wanted to use that word in a sentence)
  14. See that is interesting. I didn't know you get a $10 credit code. So to me I was paying $20 for tiny samples. If you are able to use the code in their store, I wish they would keep a larger stock of things. Most items I am interested in are usually sold out.
  15. I cant wait to see what you all got from the neiman marcus box. I plan to get the holiday for her one but this one was way too much money for me to splurge on. Plus I didn't appreciate how they handled this box last year by giving a discount after the fact. The whole situation didn't sit well with me.

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