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  1. (2018) The highlighter is very nice, subtle and not over the top. The lip balm is nice. I didn't care for the liquid lip product, haven't tried the face cream or mascara yet.
  2. This is what came in mine. I'm not heartbroken over not getting the Doucce eyeshadow, but I'm not delighted to get the smelly mushroom eye cream or the YSL primer again. Looks like there were quite a few variations this time. The lip crayon is pretty nice, it goes on a bit peachy, but I've been putting a cherry gloss over top of it.
  3. That is a whole lotta Wen. I remember them saying they support Wen and believe in the product when there were reports of users' hair falling out from it. But holy smokes they're really doubling down on it now. I tried it a few boxes ago and didn't like it. So this box is a hard no for me. I also don't like the colored Chapstick and would never use "nail appliqués."
  4. Thanks for replying! I don't remember the boxes going out this late in the month so I was wondering if what was going on.
  5. Has anyone actually gotten their September box yet? Or a shipping notification? I check on here periodically and swear a tumbleweed just rolled across my screen. Oh, and I bought a full sized Foreo a while back when Macy's had them on sale. Love it. Love it love it love it. My face is fabulous again! (figured I'd mention it since i said something about it on this thread earlier)
  6. I was pretty resistant to those ridiculous hair things, but they actually work really well for holding my hair while I wash my face or for around the house. They're a bit too silly to be seen in public with one, but I'm always losing my hair ties and can't seem to lose this one. Haven't gotten a snag with the goofy things yet, either. Still not something I would ever make an effort to buy on my own, though.
  7. I remember that Foreo. I was sad when the battery finally died, but haven't found enough wiggle in my budget to justify buying a full sized. There was a lot of anger and frustration from people who didn't order in time to get the Foreo. Honestly I'm a little conflicted on all the early spoilers. On the one hand, it's great to show people what to expect if they subscribe (a few advance spoilers for the Beauty Thrills boxes might help justify a presale for all the boxes). But on the other hand, it kind of takes away from the suspense and the surprise.
  8. Has anyone else still not gotten their box or a shipping notice? My subscription just auto renewed so I don't know if that's slowing things down or if they're going to skip this month.
  9. I wish my candle came in a plastic package. The fragrance was pretty intense when I opened the box. Other than the candle, I like this box. We aren't really a smelly candle house, but once it sat out and ventilated for a while it's a nice scent. The exfoliating pads are pretty handy. I like using makeup remover wipes when traveling, and these nicely take care of the missing step.
  10. My box showed up yesterday, too. I'm excited to try that scrub tonight. The lipstick is really nice, so far my favorite that's been in any of the boxes. The eyeshadow palette is a bit sparkly, and I'll probably never use the black, but the pinkish color is pretty and I needed a new grey. I'm wearing it now and it's a pretty fabulous combination on.
  11. A wee box arrived in the mail today. It's definitely underwhelming. And something in here stinks, but nothing has leaked. I don't even remember what was supposed to be in this thing. But there's a bonus nail file! The coupon on the press on nails expire at the end of the month. Hopefully everyone will get their boxes soon. I'm going to have to put this thing outside until I can figure out where this stench is coming from.

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