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  1. Sorry I haven´t been online for a while, but that would be very interesting. I will figure out something relevant to write.
  2. I see a lot of people post their blogs in the "This is my beauty blog"-thread and I think we can help each other with geting some attention to our blogs by linking them to each other. I am at least open to do some heavy linking from my beauty blog (Thebeautydiva.org) if someone is interested.
  3. This thread has been captured by spam links now... Just saying. But strong self dicipline regarding excercise is the only way to loosing weights. You can go on a diet and be as strict as possible, but you will never reach your goals unless you excercise a lot.
  4. "The Kite Runner". It influenced me in the way that I started to really like reading books after I was forced to read it in English class. A master piece.
  5. I know this is considered "sick" by many people, but I have to admit that I am one of those that can spend hours on Youtube to watch "blackhead/pimple" popping videos. Don´t know why it´s so satisfying, but I just feel some kind of weird satisfaction from it. It might be the fact that the skin gets cleaner and that I am happy for the person who gets rid of his/hers bums. I watched a guy called Vikram Yadav a lot (a link about him here). His videos are not so disgusting as many other´s. Do you feel the same or am I completely a disgusting person? it´s a very strange feeling as a girl to admit something like this to my friends, so I usually keep these kind of conversations online...
  6. I spent a lot of time squeezing out blackheads from my nose when I was young (around 16 years old). Met a woman that told me that this was a very bad tactic...and I could tell from her nose that she was right. So all I can do is to give you the advice that you should try to fix the problem in other ways. I guess I just used the same acne treatment with a great cleanser and oil.
  7. Hehe, I feel (and understand) you! I have been living abroad for 5 years now (studying abroad) and haven´t really spoken Norwegian for a long time. My mum is getting more and more concerned that I will finally loose it, but I guess it all comes back if I move back to this cold place one day.
  8. Unfortunately I would say that this is a very clear correlation on every skin care product I´ve tried.
  9. Sorry that I didn´t respond to this immidiately. Do you remember any Swedish or is it all forgotten?
  10. Thanks a lot @@Queennie ! I haven´t too much information about the Norwegian makeup market right now due to the fact that I am living in Asia, but I will try to update the forum on some good stuff if I by accident can find something!
  11. I have used "Clinique" ever since I went to a skin therapist the first time. She told me that these were the best skin care products available and I was 16 years old and very skeptical...but I have actually used the same product line for ages now. They might be best for people who got a very oily skin with some pimples to be honest. It helped me a lot.
  12. Hello, I am new to this website. I am a 25 year old girl from Norway trying to improve my makeup skills a bit and I hope this is the right place to both answer and ask some questions. I already have gotten a good impression of some of the members.
  13. The thing is...and I found this out very late (when I was 19 or something)..is that your makeup is a big part of your bad skin. If you try to be "makeup free" for a week (when you are on holiday or something), you will immideately see some improvement in your skin. I live in Norway and can remember that I went to our cabin at the mountain with my family. No makeup. After the week was done: beautiful skin. Seriously. You should get rid of these bad habits as soon as possible.
  14. My biggest motivation when I lost weight was to start blogging about it. I made a blog and didn´t think anyone would care about it really, but I actually started to get some decent traffic number. Anyway, I deleted my blog when I reached my goal. But it was really motivating to write about my own success. Good luck, I know the struggle....

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