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  1. I actually have like 5 different little bottles of hair oil ive gotten from various places, Im really happy that Ipsy has started to make pages that show you different ways of using the products. I had no idea you could add hair oil to a water bottle and use it as a spray. Im still learning about all this stuff lol And about the gel eyeliners, about a year ago I got a gel eyeliner from TheBalm from Ipsy and I tried it many ways, because I heard that youre not supposed to use it on the water line but with me it doesnt really matter. Even on my upper lids it immediately starts a bad reaction in my eyes. Almost feeling like the 'fumes' from the eyeliner irritate my eyes. So bad that my eyes would burn for a few days after, even if I flush my eyes and take my makeup off immediately after applying. And Ive gotten a few more 'gel eyeliners' and they do the exact same thing. At this point I just save them to give to my neice
  2. Heres mine, really wish theyd stop sending me 'gel' eyeliners. Ive tried several types and they ALWAYS make my eyes irritated to the point Im rinsing my eyes within minutes of applying. Also not too impressed by more hair oil and the color of the nail polish. The bag is unique and neat looking I guess. Id probably rate my bag 6/10, not spectacular
  3. Confirmed! I was given a choice of different products however (screencap attached) I picked the Lisa Frank Brush!!! But I was not too crazy about the other choices. Awesome though!! They got back to me within literally minutes of sending them an email at IpsyCare
  4. I tend to get my bag around the 18th, but they ship it out on the 9th or so. For some reason it takes about 2 days to get to my state, but then it sits around for about 5 days more until they deliver it. And I live in the middle of the U.S. I wonder if people in california have to wait even longer. Id love to be one of those people like on youtube who get their bags like the next day after shipping (( im completely impatient. I cant even restrain myself from knowing what items are in my bag. I NEED TO KNOW lol
  5. Confused as to why you copy and pasted part of what I said earlier in this thread ?? Are you trying to raise your post count or something?? strange..
  6. Im just the opposite I love toned down and neutral lipsticks. And I agree lip butters never seem to run out lol I got a neutrogena lip butter from a Walmart beauty box that I used religiously everyday and one day I left it in my hot car (big mistake!) So I sorta just left it there for about 2 weeks baking in the hot sun everyday. I was upset everytime I looked at it sitting on the dash of my car lol So I stashed it in my purse and I was going to throw it away inside my work later. Turns out the lip butter was fine, I just sorta shoved the product back in the tube with a spoon and Im still using it everyday a month later lol I also had left a pencil eyeliner in my car as well but theres no way Im shoving eyeliner back into a pencil lmao Rest in Peace to all of the makeup being ruined in peoples cars this summer
  7. Eyeliners are my favorite thing to get from ipsy! Except the cheap pencil non-waterproof kinds. A few months ago I got an illamasqua liquid eyeliner I am completely in love with. I wanted to get another one for when mine dries out or I end up using it all. Cant find them for less than $25 on ebay for the same one that Ipsy gave me in the bag. BRING ON THE EYELINERS!! I swear to god if they give me that awful Tarte lip butter I will be so upset. I still have the same one from earlier this year and I dont know who's skintone that color of lipstick will ever go with. Im starting to build a collection of bright red or odd colored lip products that I would never use.
  8. That bag looks really cute! A travel theme I like it )))
  9. I'm pretty happy with this bag! I really wanted the tarte lip creme out of the 3 items everyone got this month. And yet another brush.... hooray. lol. Overall though I think ipsy is really learning the things that I like (lip colors, eyeshadows, nailpolish, eyeliners) I still have NEVER gotten a concealer yet! Hopefully next month I got a lip creme from neutrogena in the Walmart Beauty Box this month and I AM IN LOVE WITH IT! So Im super excited to try the tarte lip cream now.
  10. Haha yeah! Even after the short time Ive been subscribed I feel like the bags are sorta stacking up. I love the bags though! Sometimes I wish they were just a TAD longer so I could store maybe my colored pencils or other small items in them. Im a hoarder of cute things so I dont think Ill be letting any of them go or giving any of them away though haha
  11. I really love the Mr Write eyeliner too, I got mine in the maroon color a few months back. Problem is everytime I put it on my eyes water like CRAZY and they wont stop until every molecule of the eyeliner is gone. I thought maybe I applied it too close to my eyeball or something weird. Tried it a few times more and it just happened over and over. I have a lot of allergies but not to products really, so its sort of strange yet disappointing because I love the color so much. I havent heard anyone else complain of similar problems with it so I assume its just me and my dumb allergies
  12. Ive only been getting Ipsy since October 2015, so I havent been subscribed for a really long time like some of you probably have.. but Im curious about what is everyones absolutely favorite products youve gotten from ipsy and why? What made the product stand out from all others? I think my top 3 favorite things Ive gotten from Ipsy is as follows 1. TheBalm liquid lipstick Meet Matte in the color Commitment - I just love how long this lasts and the cooling mentholated feeling it has when you apply. I just love love love this I had to buy the full size. It actually has staying power and I love the shade so much 2. Illamasqua Liquid Eyeliner in the color Abyss - I got this in this months ipsy I love the applicator and I love how well it stays and Im sorta shocked how well it comes off just using makeup remover. However this stufff is SUPER PRICEY for me ($28 for another full size) But I love it so much Im going to have to think about getting it again 3. Rickycare by NYC Classic 3D Beauty Blender - I had never tried a beauty blender before I got this one from Ipsy! I had heard about them and I wanted to get a 'nicer' one and just around the time I was shopping around I saw my preview from Ipsy and they were sending me one! Ive used it a lot and its really easy to clean and dries fast. This is definitely my favorite tool/brush that ipsy has sent me Im curious since everyone gets different products, which are your favorite so far!?

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