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    Moscow, PA, US
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    Technology, Cosmotology, Reading, anything that can expand my mind and my horizons.


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    I am a tenure Computer Programmer and active makeup artist currently looking to get back in to the field more actively as I have always loved makeup growing up and wanted to be a pro when I was younger. I let ignorance and the pressure of peers deprive me of many things in my youth and do not want to ever make the same mistakes. I love to help women look and feel there best and enjoy helping people in general.
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    I am currently a student of IT and working towards becoming a better and more active makeup artist. I love to read and learn and enjoy technology a great deal. My family and my pursuits keep me busy along with work and everyday life.
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    I have been working in It for over 8 years now and have always played with helping do my girlfriend and daughters hair and makeup. Being good at that I have now become more active at that as well and have been doing professional makeup for about two months now. Working to build my portfolio and become a well known pro in my area.
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    Coming soon
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    United States
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    2015 Dodge Dart
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    The truth about cats and dogs, Snow White and the Huntsman, 300, Clash of the Titans, and similar stuff.
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    Revlon, Avon, Urban Decay, Sephora
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    I learn extremely fast and well
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  1. Lack of sleep or not getting enough sleep ca definitely make trouble with the eyes this causes unwanted wrinkles and bagging as well as darkness under the eye. The best fix is to get proper sleep but if that is not easy or something that can be done there is still hope. All makeup starts with how you care for your skin in general. The better your cleansing regimen is and the more you moisturize or not depending on your skin type will determine how easy or hard it is to keep a beautiful looking eye without having to cake on the foundation or dark eye makeups. My tip to clients is always to remember the better you care for your skin, the better it will care for you.
  2. No matter who you are their is always at least one person out there better than you. Do not ever get discouraged and the only waste is that which you let become a waste. I spent quite a lot when I was younger to become a Cosmotologist and then because of bigots and kids with bad upbringing I let the peer pressure get the best of me for nothing. In this field you must practice and do work over and over to become a real pro. Also keep getting clients and building a portfolio. The only ones who are not good enough are not here trying. I know very little about makeup and have started get back into things here I hope to have some demos up soon to share but I know a lot of people are "better" than me. I am also aware that they were in my same spot starting out and the only way to improve is to keep at it and push on. Your work looks great from what I saw and you need to be confident. Confidence and professionalism go hand in hand. Never back down. You are bold, you are beautiful! Always remember that and press on. Best of luck to you and don't give up.
  3. I will follow your post as I too am looking to improve. I am a current student and makeup artist with a place called Makeup.school and so far they seem great. I was enrolled in a Cosmotology program in High school but dropped out due to peer pressure and all the teasing because I was a straight guy that loved to work with hair and makeup. Now that I am older and people are a little more accepting of people and what they enjoy in life I am trying to brush up myself and come back to the field. I started by selling Avon and that re-ignited my love for makeup as well as having a daughter who loves me to pamper her. I look forward to what others may find and post here. I know the two key players in my current area are the Jolie academy and a place here called the hair and nail institute beyond there there are a lot of questionable online places I have seen popping up.
  4. To start you are very beautiful and this is a great photo. From what I can see here you have more of a round face and as you described with getting older things like the eyes and how you place your lines and brows are vital to making you still look and feel your best. I would say lifting the brows to give the eyes a more open and wider appearance. Make the brow shorter and the arch straighter to achieve this effect, you seem to have narrow eyes in this photo and my suggestion previously is how I would go about starting to make sure your liners, mascara and such work well for you and make you feel vibrant. As I am sure you're aware, be sure you are paying more attention to your daily cleansing regimen and are exfoliating once or twice a week to keep the skin healthy and free of dead cells, old makeup, oils, and dirt. Age may seem like the enemy but it only means you need to use the makeup to your benefit and not let it work against you. I know this is not a very in-depth analysis but I am certain the basics I've described with the brows will help get more of an effect you are seeking. I hope this helps some and as I am moving along here I will be sure to share anything else I may find of value. From the photo here you seem to have healthy skin and are at least being aware of the challenges as your skin ages and face changes. The next steps are to work at keeping the skin healthy and using the shapes to your benefit. Regards, Cosimo
  5. I am not a frequent user of waterproofs but for those clients I have used it on I only found Avon Mega effects mascara to work as described but it is not something in high demand. It does look beautiful and holds well to tears, rain, etc. It is fairly low priced around $10 last I restocked. It is not listed as water proof and only claims to be clump-proof, sweat-proof, non-flaking. This is so far the best I could find but in general as many others have said waterproof just seems to be more a gimmick than a real deal. As far as removal most of my clients use Makeup Remover Wipes with Mineral Complex also by Avon. Being a rep I get deals so that is why most of my products of choice are Avon here, but as an artist I have many other brands as well since each client has unique needs and this can not always be met by one brand alone.
  6. School and work as usual.

  7. Good day SusieLove101, You should not deter yourself because of others. Your hopes, dreams, and passion are yours and yours alone. Do what you feel is right for you. I would be happy to share your channel and never get discouraged. No man or woman should make you feel any less because of something you like or want to be involved in. You could have a talent or potential that goes to waste because of allowing others to belittle you or shame you. Don't ever stop being you and do what you love. We have one life each and it is our right to live it to the fullest.
  8. A few things I tend to be a jack of all trades as many who know me well would say: -My kids -spending time with my gf -Gaming -Computer Programming and website design -Chemistry -Tinkering -Reading
  9. Over in the Scranton area. It's tough finding people locally, lol. Not sure if this post is dead or not. Thought I might as well reply and see if there are any more of us.
  10. Good day members, My name is Cosimo J. Bressi Jr. I am here to learn and share just as the many others here. Currently a beauty school student and hobbyist I am here to gain all the knowledge of various backgrounds to help me mold into a well-rounded artist. I know that makeup is one of those things that changes all over the world and thanks to the web we can share and see this without having to try and study abroad. I look forward to the reading and getting to meet the community. Thanks for reading and here to keeping women around the globe looking and feeling their best. Regards, Cosimo J. Bressi Jr
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