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  1. all the ones I'm finding so far are "age defying" and "toning". I don't want to put those chemicals on my eyes. Is there an eye cream 100% for moisturizing and nothing else?
  2. I have a baaaad problem with my lips getting dry and sometimes they literally get to the point of flaking I do sugar lip scrubs occasionally, I wear natural chapsticks, I used Vaseline, you name it Lips still get disgustingly dry Any tips or products that work for you?
  3. I wear eye primer and eye shadow 5 days out of the week. The skin around my eyes and my actual eyelids have become soooo dry. Yet most moisturizers I find specifically say "keep away from eyes". So how in the world can I moisturize my eyes? Thanks!
  4. I hope this is the right place to put this thread... Typically, my eyelids are uneven. This causes doing my eyeshadow to be extremely difficult. My left eye has very little lid space and one prominent fold over the crease. My right eye typically has more lid space and a couple smaller folds over the crease. This gives the illusion of my right eye being larger. if I want to do an eye look that requires more than one eyeshadow color, it is an ordeal to make my makeup job look even. Well.....this morning I woke up and my right eye matched my left. This has never happened before to my noticing. I don't think my eye looks swollen, and I don't feel any discomfort as though something could be wrong with it....I have no idea why this happened today but I love it. I've been awake for three hours and it still matches my left eye Does this happen to any of you?? Is this normal??? Here is a comparison photo. On top is a pic I took a few days ago. As you can see, my right (your left) eye has more lid space and a couple folds. The bottom photo, it just looks like my left eye. I am 100% boggled and yet pleased by this
  5. So I'm internally crying because I just spent $42 on the .31 oz Lancôme Teint Idole Ultra Longwear Foundation Stick. To me, that is positively outrageous for something that isn't even a full ounce. However, I bought it because after a long struggle of not finding the right foundation for me (because my previous go-to's formula has changed) I was ready to pay the bucks for something I find works after wasting far too much money on trying other foundations that don't work for me. However, I've heard and read a lot of people telling me not to fret so much about the price because a small foundation stick is essentially the same amount of actual product payoff as a larger liquid foundation. Something about the compactness I was wondering if you all felt like this was true as well? Experiences?
  6. your struggle sounds similar to mine. i used to have a go-to foundation that was always perfect, but they changed the formula and I'm pretty much out of my old bottle (and I'm sure it's expired). It was Revlon's Colorstay liquid foundation for oily/combination skin. So i've been on the prowl for a new go-to foundation. so far, i can't find ANYTHING that works except.... I received a sample of Lancôme Teint Idole Ultra Longwear Foundation Stick and I fell in love. I really feel like this stuff may be me new perfect foundation. But I haven't received my full stick in the mail, so I haven't had the chance to use it all over my face and for more than a few hours. I'm just telling you this to give you a heads up that maybe this foundation can work for you. Maybe see if you can snag a sample somewhere!! I hope you find a solution!
  7. I've always thought I had slightly hooded eyes, though a friend of mine disagrees. So now I'm questioning if my eyes really are slightly hooded, or if she just personally doesn't have an understanding of what makes a person's eyes hooded or slightly hooded So maybe you guys could clear it up for me? I struggle to do shadows and liners the way non-hooded eyes have no problem doing it. But any time I hear a person with hooded/slightly hooded eyes talking about their struggles, i'm just like "Me too!!" I feel like the fact that the "flap" nearly covers the eyelid completely in the middle when my eyes are open at a neutral level would determine that these are definitely semi-hooded. So, what do you guys think? Thanks for your help!
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