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  1. I think you probably just need a dab of concealer, not the whole foundation. There are some made specifically to cover birthmarks and scars and even tattoos! SmartCover and DermaBlend are two I know of. www.smartcover.com/skin-problems/birthmarks-liesel.html http://www.dermablend.com/concealer http://www.tattoocamo.com https://judithaugustcosmetics.com/product-category/products-by-skin-condition/birthmarks/
  2. Urban Decay Naked 2 eyeshadow palette is a great splurge! It's one of the best palettes out there. I can't speak to all the lipsticks, but I think you're probably set for a while.
  3. You know, one thing I've noticed is that foundation shades seem to have shifted darker. When I was in my 20's I used to wear a neutral beige or L'Oreal sand beige shade. But now, those same shades are way too dark for my skin tone, making me look Oompa Loompa tan. So weird. On the other hand, some of the BBs and CCs that only come in designations LIGHT, MEDIUM, DEEP are way too light in the light and way too dark in the medium and I can't get a good match either being somewhat in-between.
  4. I love the smoky eye makeup and it does make your eyes pop more! But is this your daytime look? It seems a little heavy or dramatic maybe for everyday/work (at least it would be considered so at my office). I don't know if you have sort of a "medium" version with a little less smokey-black? That would also be nice as a daytime look.
  5. I'm pretty simple with my day or "work" look. Moisturizer, a good BB or CC foundation + a dab of under-eye concealer and light once-over with mineral powder. Then I do an eyelash curl, with black liner and a light nude or grey eyeshadow look. I don't wear blush or lipstick (I've never got the hang of lipstick-I just lick it off-LOL!), and I don't need mascara as I am fortunate to have natural thick black eyelashes. I used to play with makeup a lot and I still love it, however, I find that as I get older less is definitely more. I find I can't wear many of the darker or bright colors anymore and have to be careful of some foundations that cake in the wrinkles. Thank God for the BB's and CC's! On weekends that's generally all I'll wear.
  6. I should add that I was kind of dying for the Guerlain Rue de Sevres 29. But yikes! $$$$ I do also have the Clinique All About Eyes in Grey, which is nice, but tends to veer too purple/mauve for some reason. I can't figure why "grey" equals purples in some of these palettes.
  7. I like those. Haven't heard of this company before.
  8. The problem with all these grey and "smokey" eye palettes is they always include too many of the dark charcoal or black shadows that I will NEVER wear as they are just too dark for day. Why can’t someone make a nice softer grey palette that has a nice mix of greys: cool to warm shades in the light-to-medium grey tones? I would love a mix of white to silver to greige to blue-grey in shimmer and matte shades without the blacks and dark smoke.
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