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  1. Amazon and eBay have a lot of nice clothing stores. I suggest you check them out!
  2. Make up adds self confidence for me!
  3. Picking the right hue for your skin type is number one.
  4. My friend had the same problem. She wanted very much to have curly/wavy hair even for a whole day, but due to her thick natural straight hair, it has not been possible. She is not sure why. In fact, for our graduation, we had her hair set for two days (put on perm chemicals) just to enjoy about 3 hours of curly hair for the special occasion. And just before the ceremony is over, it's back to straight black hair. Sad, tho' I think she looked good on our photos with her wavy hair. If you find a solution, maybe she can try it too.
  5. I think bullying exists whether in public or private or school. Bullying even happens in the workplace. I'm not an expert but I think the better way is to be a supportive mother by equipping her on how to face every situation by raising a bully-proof-child. Build her confidence so she can stand up for herself. If she's having a problem with her accent, maybe you can hire her a tutor to improve that. Let her make friends with good children (it would lessen the bullying when she's around her close friends). She can also learn some simple self-defense. She can enroll in some classes that will build her self-defense skills and instill in her discipline so as not to be a bully herself once she learned the skills.
  6. Hey @stackescape! Just wanna update you that my friend is now doing great. Thanks again for your advice. Being there is the best help one can offer a friend.
  7. Thank you for your answers, ladies. Yes, I do see that it's unusual for spouses in general to do that. I did try to ask my husband about it, and he's pretty evasive... It's not like it would kill me to never put on makeup, but I still don't think it's fair. My friend, in fact, pointed me to ReGain for relationship counseling when I first told her about this matter. Although it sounded silly initially, I am kind of considering it now... Should we go for it?
  8. Some men want their women to be wearing makeup, and so is my husband before we got married. But when we had our first kid, he suddenly does not want me to wear makeups anymore. He would allow me to wear lipstick but nothing more than that. Should I allow him to restrict me when it comes to my vanity?
  9. excited about the sweet juicy fruit flavor... but wondering about the quality ?
  10. try different product until you find one that fits you... but I can suggest Weleda Hydrating Night Cream (been using this for months, and I love the result)
  11. Am using a different facial roller massager, I'll definitely give this one a try... looks classy!
  12. I love laser hair removal... it is painless, safe, and it gives me back my confidence ?

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