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  1. Hello, the fact that this condition runs down your family makes me think that it's better to look for ways of making your hair less greasy, cause that may be easier than finding a permanent solution. You can start by trimming your hair, to make it appear thicker and stronger. You can then use baby powder or dry shampoo. It'll also make your hair appear less greasy;simply rub it in to your roots, be careful not to put so much so that people can't notice whiteness on your hair. Try combing it outwards afterwards. You can also blow dry your hair but this is not all that essential. There is so much you can do to make your hair appear less greasy. You can check out some beauty sites on http://www.0web.me/ that can connect you to others whom you share this problem with and see what they do. You can also get additional tips on how to make your hair appear normal.All the best
  2. Hey guys my niece is planning on getting married this coming August. We are super excited as a family and would wish to pull togeter the best wedding ceremony for her. We are extremely close and she asked me to help her get a perfect wedding gown. She is around 4.8 feet tall and slim( Not that much slim though). She wants either color White or Cream for her gown. She doesn't mind a simple one, as long as its classy. We need to have it by early July.Does anyone know any shops where we can start checking? She travels a lot around UK and USA so any shops in either countruies are accessible to us. The price does not really matter, we'll adjust our budget acccordingly as long as we get a quality gown.
  3. Hi, I was in a similar dilemma a few months ago when I started taking make seriously. Before, I used to do it simply because my friends used to influence me and eventually I came to like it. I decided to be choosing my products online, cause today you can surely find a lot of information about different products and reviews from different people which you can then use to decide on what products best suits. But then, I could not just pick on any product from online stores and start looking for it's reviews. So i decided to try products that most beautiful women use. That's when i discovered http://top-beautiful-women.net/ , which has been helping me get information on currently crowned most beautiful women, then I go on to get information on the type of make up, lipstick and eye pencils they use. This helps me land on quality products, cause such people most likely use high quality products. Currently, I bet my make up game is smart,judging from the compliments i get from my husband and friends. You can consider using the internet to help you land on quality make up products. Asking your friends for advice is good too, but they are most likely going to recommend on what they have been using, which may not be necessarily what you need.
  4. My life shall be much more better if i get Bite Amuse Bouche lipstick and Stila Liquid Lipstick. They are all i wish for right now. I love lipstick very much.
  5. for me it's my lip gloss. It's like a staple in everyone's make up bag nowadays. I can't make a single step out of my house without mine.
  6. I think Yankee Candles have proven to be the best for me. They have so many varieties and all you need to do is light the candle, let it burn for one to three hours and the entire room smells awesome.My favorite scent is the pine varieties, cucumber melon and strawberry. Right now I have apple and they also make fun scents like vanilla cake and cookie crumbles. They have a scent for every occasion and trust me, the smell lasts. All you need is establish a taste in a certain variety and you'll never regret. Another option is using scented oil in a votive candle burner. You have to replace the oil every day though.
  7. Honestly, there's not really any specific age. There's a period in life that is best. Just ensure you have made accomplishments such as graduating from college, maintaining a steady good job, getting married for love and then have a baby made out of love. Another consideration is to have already built a house, cause after you have children it becomes difficult. Ensure that you are also psychologically prepared to take care of children.
  8. Hi, i bought the same Karmin styling iron last weekend when my best friend accompanied me out for shopping and she recommended the product. I was reluctant about purchasing it but i bought it anyway. I've used it for several days and i like the fact that it heats up in just 30 seconds, unlike other models that take longer. Its' one hour sleep mode is also awesome and am enjoying using it.
  9. Oprah Winfrey has always being my favorite. I love the way she treats and doesn't judge people,like homosexuals, secluded religious cults, communities or deviants. I've watched so many of her interviews and she tries to understand people no matter what conditions they are in and regardless of what others think of them. This is something that most people don't do, right?
  10. Hey the colors look so cute i absolutely think the collection is cool. I haven't tried it yet though. Have you? And where exactly can i get them?
  11. Hey guys, It's queen Belinda over here, just joined the forum. I love putting on make up. I wear bronze eye-shadow, brown eye liner, and blush. I look forward to a lovely time around.

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