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  1. Okay, so I promise this is more than just a "I want more followers" post! Although let's be honest, everyone loves more followers. BUT.. I am really trying to break into the world of beauty blogging and realize that Instagram is a hugely important place to do so. So, I'm trying to get better about posting certain kinds of content and building my network on Instagram. Was hoping to share Instagram usernames with other beauty bloggers so I can see what you all are posting and maybe gain a little inspiration That being said, follow me at @kevondell and comment on this post with your username! I am team #FollowBack, so no need to worry there
  2. @ thanks so much for the comment! I have had similar experiences with guys making comments about girls looking better 'without makeup' or saying things like "you don't need to wear so much makeup!" as if we were wearing it for them in the first place. i think it's an important distinction that women, more often than not, wear makeup for themselves and because they either like the way they look with it or they like experimenting with different looks. most women don't wake up in the morning and think "hmm, how can I make myself look nice for a man today?!" Just wanted to ask you one more question to further the conversation. What do you think about people who think that the beauty industry in general has a negative affect on women? There are some people who are of the argument that the entire industry (not just these crazes like contouring) was historically created out of a patriarchal society that believed that woman need to wear makeup. So while we might be choosing to wear it for ourselves today, historically, it has been engrained within us to believe that we SHOULD want to wear makeup. (Not saying that I agree with this set of beliefs, but find it's a compelling argument) Let me know your thoughts on this!! It's something I'm trying to hash out myself.. And if you want to read an interesting blog post on the matter: http://oddlylovely.com/can-feminist-wear-makeup/
  3. I have a nice event coming up and want to do up my eye makeup a little bit more than usual. I feel like I haven't been fully utilizing my Naked 2 palette, so want to find a nice look that I can create using that. Does anyone know any good tutorials or have any suggestions?
  4. Hi everyone! So I'm in the middle of writing an article about contouring (I'm a beauty blogger but also a journalism student, so this is for a class.) I decided to write it after I saw an Instagram tutorial about contouring the back of your neck and immediately though "okay, this is going too far." Recently, I also saw one about contouring your legs and was a) horrified at the massive waste of product it seems to be and so surprised to think that people might actually consider doing this on a daily basis. I really want to get the advice of other beauty bloggers / makeup addicts about what you think of contouring and whether or not you think it has gone too far. And if you do think it has gone too far, what might the potential consequences of this be? Are we spreading a bad message to young girls who might now think they can't leave the house without contouring their face, neck, and legs? Open to any and all opinions on this matter, and it's one I'm genuinely interested in. I personally am still trying to figure out where I stand on the matter... I am 100% of the opinion that if makeup makes you happy and you like experimenting with makeup, then why the hell not? If this means contouring your face every day, then so be it! But the more I think about it, the more my eyes are being opened to the potential consequences of this mindset.. Anyways, please share away! Would love to get in a discussion about this xo
  5. I'm always looking for ways to organize my makeup but feel like I'll never find the perfect solution. My main issue: I have a TON of crap (like I'm sure we all do...) and I forget about most of it because I have it tucked away in drawers that I never really use! I have a small apartment in NYC, so I don't have TONS of space obviously... but I'm just wondering, have any of you found any foolproof makeup storage methods? Whether it's for the bathroom or bedroom.. I think if I found a proper way of organizing, I'd use all of my products more often! Any advice is much appreciated
  6. Also VERY interested as to how this wouldn't create a massive mess.. I'm sure there would be some clean up necessary, but maybe the paint dries faster than regular nail polish? Nails Inc generally has really great products though, so I'd say that this is worth a shot at least..!
  7. I wish you could buy the lip liner and the gloss separately though! Also, I've heard mixed reviews about how these last throughout the day... Does anyone have any suggestions for a lipstick/stain that actually lasts most of the day? I hate the feeling of constantly worrying whether or not its all over my face/teeth...
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