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  1. Tinder's basically the best option out there other than social media which is usually iffy, and Lex is another good one, that's if you're gay at all.
  2. cool, thanks for the tips! I like all of k-beauty products I've tried so far but I haven't tried any foundations yet. The best foundation I've found is FitMe and it's super cheap but I want to change brands. FitMe is a matte finish.
  3. Love the placement and subtlety of the cat eye and subtle cut crease. It looks gorgeous. I'm trying to perfect the cut crease with white eyeliner lately. I've only practiced it twice so I have a long way to go.
  4. No it's not. Please don't do it! Hooded eyelids are pretty. Mine are okay.
  5. I had no idea what this was until I seached it. I'm good at not buying things for a long time but I also spend WAY too much on eating out, and then I make a big purchase, like I got a car 2 weeks ago and now I'm going to have to make monthly payments on that. 😕 I usually try to thrift and tbh I used to never buy clothing or shoes but I've always liked buying makeup that...I don't really wear. lmao.
  6. Those look nice. I'll have to research mica coloring for my own projects now. I sort of DIY for many of my self-care products but I don't put them into containers or anything cool yet. I think buying pure oils is better than a lot of other products which are often overpriced, unethical, and diluted of good ingredients. Jojoba oil is amazing for my face skin and lips. Castor oil is another one of my favs for body skin but apparently it's slightly more drying than other oils. I'm using it on my brows lately. Anyone have details on their favorite oils please share. ❤️
  7. Your skin looks amazing. I do love all of the products you listed, esp the jojoba oil and African black soap. I need to start using my clay mask and apple cider vinegar more often. Personally, I drink tea a LOT (I get obsessive) and sometimes it makes me break out so I have to balance it with drinking more water which I'm sometimes bad abt. I haven't jumped on the face roller trend yet.
  8. I'm not a pro, but a beginning wannabe pro since I can't afford to pay people to do my own makeup yet! So you've tried primer. That's a hit or miss with people. The next thing I would do is invest in a good setting powder. MUFE is one of the best imho.
  9. As a serious relationship? Not for me. But, this may be frowned upon I guess, but to get money, go for it. And men who date women much younger than them have some problems.
  10. I'm nontraditional and blunt in relationships. I can't imagine being surprised by a bf's proposal. Your friends can help with pushing your boyfriend's cold feet. You can mention the average length people wait to marry, the benefits, slowly begin adding wedding culture to your conversation and descriptions, maybe pictures of white dresses. Haahha. Sneaky!
  11. I'd try to bring it up in a less insulting way, like "it's time to grow up and be a man" is kind of a blow... it's hard to not be insulting during arguments but something like telling him how it makes you feel when his mom calls during his time out with you would help him see it from your pov. I'd be annoyed too. the good thing is he likes his mom at least. lol
  12. It's ok. most of the people are boring (lol and I'm a witch). I like meeting people in some group setting or something and i can see how they're like with other people. & never be pressured to date or hookup on the first meeting. ew
  13. I think rosy pink lips w shiny gloss, lots of contour/highlighter, black black liquid eyeliner on top lid, maybe a silver to white eyeshadow. white from the inner eye and darker gray on the outer. the lips would be lighter the darker gray on the lid you use. nails: hmm. i was thinking a gray or white plain nail but it might be too matchy. so maybe a classic dark red. the dress is dramatic so the nails could be too, dark red almond or diamond shaped acrylics.

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