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  1. Oh I am so frustrated with myself. I cancelled Allure, I cancelled Beautyfix, and I only have November to go with Birchbox. Then I have 2 more boxes coming ( winter and Spring) from Margot Elena. So that is fine. Today I went through everything, decided what to keep and what to get rid of and also listed a few items on ebay. This took all day. I felt really good. It especially felt really good deciding what to get rid of. So what did I do? I saw a one time purchase for an Ellen box tonight and I BOUGHT IT! I am so frustrated with myself!! What I am really upset with is that I bascially have my master bedroom closet (it is a small closet) set up to hold shelves lined with beauty products, arranged neatly by category, inside of beauty boxes. There are no shoes or clothes in my master bedroom closet! There is no room ! I was looking forward to putting my shoes in there again.
  2. I have thanfully cut way back. When i saw my year end summary statement this past jan, i knew something needed to change. I have 2 more months on a birchbox annual, and a few more boxes on annual subscriptions. I was giving away far more than I was using. I still have a big box of items to get rid of from sub boxes. Truly have enough to last me for a year or more. I might let myself have 1 sub box a m onth just for fun. But yea, just trying to organize the stuff is really time consuming
  3. This month I bought_ a past essence beauty box 2 popsugar mystery boxes bare minerals mystery box A mystery nerd block for my nephew Subscriptions: Beauty box 5 beautyfix ipsy orglamix 2 birchbox accounts walmart Sephora Play Arcade Block for son Squix There are probably more that I just can't think of right now. Anyway, no one can use up all those products in a month,so this is just insane. I need help deciding what to cancel and what to keep. I enjoy Sephora and I really like beautyfix and loved my Orglamix box this month, See where this is going? Help. Anyone cutting back? What suggestions do you have for finding something else to think about?
  4. I finally got my classic box today. No swisspers, vitabath, or micellar water. Instead got a tiny sample of ROC neck cream, arm and hammer toothpaste sample,and a 4th moisturizer, curel skin rescue. Oh well, you win some, you loose some.
  5. i ordered 2 as well, and got the same shipping notice. I was so pleased with the last mystery box. I hope these are as good.
  6. I am trying to hold off and see if there is a black Friday deal.. Ir is not that far off. I was so bad this month. Birchbox, ipsy... my sephora ( which I will never get rid of), orglamix and probably resub to beautyfix this month. . After this, I will cancel all but Sephora and just try my best to wait for the black friday deals.
  7. Well, I found this you tube spoiler video, but I do not know how accurate it is or anything about the you-tuber. https://youtu.be/bvWYi8oFYBU
  8. If there is a glamglow product, I will be jumping for joy,, Thanks
  9. Didn't mean to post the pic twice. 2 perfumes and no cleansing milk. I need a consitent beauty box. So far Play is excellent. I did love glossy box, but we know the story there. I dont feel like calling allure. Curious to see what all of you get.
  10. I recieved my box today. The booklet listed Purlisse cleansing milk supergoop lip Avene Phisiolift eyes Grande Primer Orly breathable Bvgari Omni Coral This is what I recieved
  11. My mom got me a giant bottle of wen 2 Christmas's ago. I used it once it a while, alternating with shampoo and conditioner. it took a year for me to use the bottle up. Anyway, I didn't notice any change in my hair for the better or the worse. And my hair did not fall out anymore than it is falling out now
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