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  1. I think laser treatment would be the best choice for you. As it has become more advanced hence not painful.
  2. Maybe you can consider using some well-reputed face wash and blackheads removers. As normally, pimples and blackheads increases or appears as a result of impurities build up like dirt etc., on your face. So you need to wipe out these impurities every day with high-rated face wash or blackheads removers.
  3. Wow! Can't wait to try this product out. Seems to be the good one
  4. Maybe all this is happening to you because of excessive use of heating tools like hair dryers and irons. Secondly, it could happen as a result of malnutrition diet or else not taking care of your hair in a gentle way. Whatever may be the case is, you need to consult a dermatologist, however, if you are using heating tools excessively then you should use heat protectant sprays like Thermalstyleher.
  5. Yes, I agree with Reija that trimming your hair every now and then can help in increasing your hair length together with health. Moreover, you could try massaging your hair and scalp with some essential hair oils like mustard, olive, almond, coconut, jojoba etc. Besides, you can also try castor oil, as it will help you in increasing your hair growth rate 3-5 times than the normal.
  6. For me Thermalstyleher spray works in the best manner. Maybe that will work for you too!
  7. I agree! Coconut oil is among the best natural ways to make your hair glossy and bouncy. However, you can also use hair serums.
  8. I would suggest you to go for natural hair serums since your hair a naturally frizzy. Such serums will make your hair soft, smooth, shiny and straight. Secondly, you can add a straightener into it, as you already do it.
  9. You cannot find a completely natural hair care products especially shampoo and conditioners. However, I know about the one which is GKhair sulfates free shampoos and conditioners. So far in my experience, they are amongst the best ones because they didn't do any harm to me, at-least.
  10. May be you can try styling mousse by GKhair. I have been using to style in whatever way I desire at the same time protecting my hair by offering them a dose of moisture as this product is natural.
  11. For me GKhair Flat Iron works in the best manner as it is affordable and makes my hair straightened in best quality. Moreover, you can use GKhair Thermalstyleher cream which is a heat protectant but I would recommend you this product to use it before blow drying your hair.
  12. Hi Prncess23! Change is always good! May be she have changed your shampoo because you have been using the same keratin shampoo for quite long. As it has been observed by the experts that using the same shampoo for a long time might start damage or dry your hair. As Reija mentioned a few brands in her post, GKhair is also a great option as I have personally experienced it and the results are great too.
  13. Hi Natalie220! From today, start using hair oils like in combination for instance almond, mustard, coconut, olive, nigella. Massage your hair with the mixture of these oils before washing your hair. Secondly, in addition to the use of oils make use of high quality chemical free shampoos and conditioners.
  14. I wish I could have a pixie cut one day. I love this hairstyle so much.
  15. I understand your pain because it becomes very much difficult to manage your curly hair on daily basis if your are going to school or an office. But let me recommend you one of the best hair smoothing treatment I done my self is GKhair The Best JUVEXIN Treatment. One customized and advanced formula for varying results for smooth, soft and shiny hair. Only one application will keep your hair smooth, soft, strong, healthier and straight for up-to 5 months. A little bit an expensive product but the price worth it because your hair deserve it!
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