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  1. When I've taken prenatals (not while pregnant), I haven't noticed a change in my hair. My nails tend to grow faster and stronger, but they do that on a daily multivitamin too.
  2. My bag arrived today (shipping notice yesterday). I got: Drybar Detox Dry Shampoo MUFE Step 1 Skin Smoothing Primer Sephora Cream Lip Stain in Red (this one is teeny!) Lancome Hypnose Drama Mascara Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray Elizabeth and James Rose perfume Good month overall!
  3. I didn't get one! Mine showed up very unexpectedly today. In fact, a day or two ago I checked the website and it didn't show a tracking number or anything.
  4. Hmm... I'm getting box 977, and I'm curious now about how the variations are decided. I'm happy with everything but the lip gloss (it's just not something I use until it's very pigmented), but my skin is incredibly dry (which is on my profile) and there seem to be 'better' box options for dry skin. Not a complaint so much, just an observation.
  5. As an extremely fair neutral (there aren't many brands that go light enough for me) I feel your pain! I am inclined to agree with the poster above though - it sounds to me as though you're fair olive. Have you tried mixing foundations? If you're willing to make the investment in two products, you could get the lightest olive-undertone foundation you can find and a white mixer (Ilamasqua, Cover Fx, and a few others make them - I want to say NYX does as well but I'm not certain) and customize. Good luck!
  6. I'm excited to see how they interpret the theme - I'd love to see a focus on glowing skin, rather than highlighter! Edit: MSA has spoilers for one of the possible boxes: http://www.mysubscriptionaddiction.com/2016/11/play-by-sephora-november-2016-full-spoilers.html
  7. The bag design is up on Ipsy's site! I like it, but I often do
  8. Interesting! Not a terribly exciting line-up in my opinion but I'd be okay with any of those. I wonder if the stars in the background are a hint at a 'Stars and Stripes' type theme for November, with election day in the US and all?
  9. I use both daily. After foundation and before powder, I use a cream product (I personally love the Colourpop Contour Stick in Dove), then after powder I use the Sephora Powder in Tranquil. They're both very cool tones, but that works well for me - I have very dry skin, but I usually have my make-up on for 12+ hours, which is why I double up!
  10. So exciting that there are more variants! I'm getting the one ending in 072 and they're all new products for me The Yves Saint Laurent perfume was on my to-try list, so that's a plus!
  11. Hi All! I recently made a purchase from Colourpop (I'm a huge fan of them and have had nothing but positive experiences so far), and for the first time, I've had a minor problem. My order shipped extremely quickly and in good condition, but one product was incorrect - it appears that the person responsible for packing accidentally grabbed the Ultra Satin Lip in "Lost," rather than "London Fog," as I ordered. Totally understandable. I've just emailed them explaining the situation and I attached photos of both my packing slip and the incorrect product, and, of course, I included my order number for reference. Has anyone had a similar experience with them? How was their response? Thanks so much!
  12. My bag arrived today! It was kind of a bust if I'm honest but the bag is so cute I don't mind. MUFE Foundation - Shade is too dark for me (I got Ivory but I'm super pale) Trestique Lipstick in Belize Bordeaux - Pretty color, but it's sheer enough to look kind of hot pink on me and I'm not into that. NYX Liner in Gunmetal - Seriously what am I supposed to do with a gunmetal liner? Purlisse Lip treatment - This I really like and will use. I don't remember the brand Shadow Brush - Brushes are my favorite thing to get so this made the bag. The first three I'll pass on to my mom, but honestly the other two and the bag make up for it.
  13. I personally think that contouring will only have gone "too far" if people start to feel like they must contour. I haven't seen anything in the vein of "if you're going to put on make-up, you have to contour your cheekbones [etc.] or you're just wasting your time!" Not that it isn't out there, but it isn't pervasive. THAT is taking it too far. Beyond that, if contouring your arms/legs/abs/neck/earlobes/whatever makes you happy, go for it! I personally contour my cheekbones nearly every day because that's what I'm comfortable with and I'm 100% confident that my husband/friends would let me know if it was too much. The key point is that I do it for ME. When people are doing it for someone else, that's when it's gone too far.
  14. The bag is super cute! I love that they kept the colors neutral even though the design is so cutesy. The product selection looks promising - I think there are more products I'd be happy to get than ones I'd be disappointed with.
  15. Hi All! I'm trying to cull my stash a bit and I hope you can help me out! Everything has been lightly used or only swatched. Unfortunately, I do not have the boxes for anything. I clean my brushes every day, so things that have been used have only been in contact with clean brushes. I ship USPS first-class, usually the morning after receiving payment, and I print my shipping labels through PayPal. Shipping is $3 to the US. I am happy to ship internationally, just contact me for a quote! Everything will be sent in padded envelopes with the products taped closed, palettes in bubble wrap and shadows in tissue. I accept payment through PayPal only. Please try to keep to $10 minimum - it would be cost-prohibitive to ship individual shadows. If you have any questions at all, or if you think a price is unreasonable, please contact me and we can work something out! Anastasia Bevery Hills Cream Contour Kit - Light $20 Tarte Grav3yard Girl Palette $25 Too Faced Everything Nice Palette $25 This originally came with three brushes; one is missing. Too Faced Palettes - Natural at Night and Boudoir Eyes $20 each Large Bare Minerals Shadows $5 each or all for $100 (including shipping) Left to Right, Top to Bottom: Grace, True Gold, Drama, Nice Rock, Vanilla Sugar, Citrus Twist, Morocco, Bare Skin Opal, Kudos, Celestine (never opened), Soiree, Classic Rock, Explore, Now, Hope Finesse, Magnetize, Peach Puff, Envy, In the Buff, Sex Kitten, Cultured Pearl, Fashionista Small Bare Minerals Shadows $3 each or all for $60 (including shipping) Left to Right, Top to Bottom: Mint, Spiced Biscotti, Lemon Meringue, Cherry Coco Truffle, Bordeaux Gold Dipped, Real Deal, Legit, Creme de Menthe, Lemon Zinger Rose Pearl, Exquisite, Cashmere, Champagne, Bon Bon Good Fortune, Black Emerald, Strawberry Mousse, Coffee Bean, Chardonnay Dark Chocolate, Cocoa, Berry Flambe, Berry Custard, Sugar Plum

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