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  1. I think ATP coffee scrubs still has an online sale for canada day!!! try "Canadaday16" i loooove their stuff all natural, organic body scrubs. my skin feels SO smooth after a shower with one of these i just got coffonut and their orange chocolate one!!!
  2. anyone know of any companies sending out samples still?
  3. used to use it a long time ago... super drying and full of chemicals.. yuck
  4. interesting. i'm going to take a look online. another alternative for all around face and body scrub are COFFEE scrubs! I know, coffee?! but its honestly the best exfoliation i've ever had. ATP COffee scrubs do all natural products so its good for sensitive skin their coconut and coffee one smells so good and is moisturizing too
  5. oooh, thats a shame. I love Lush but some of their products do have chemicals or extra ingredients that aren't really "natural" in them i use ATP coffee scrubs all over my body, feet, face and even lips to exfoliate dead skin off. my skin has never been smoother and theyre all natural and organic products!
  6. exfoliate and stop using chemicals and things that will clog your pores natural essential oils and oils like coconut and sweet almond oil actually cleanse and moisturize (they dont clog just because theyre "oils" like popular belief) I use a body and face scrub every other day basically to clean away dead skin and dirt and my acne has cleared up so much i use natural and organic ATP coffee scrubs
  7. i love ATP Coffee Scrubs' "Coffonut" body./face scrub.. it smells sooo good!! theyre all natural and organic so no chemicals or additives like that. its a coffee scrub but has coconut oil and coconut bits in it and it leaves skin so smooth afterwards. it exfoliates but moisturizes too found them randomly on instagram @atpcoffeescrubs and ordered a couple (the peppermint chocolate one smells delish too!) and now Im never going back to those brand names from drugstores or even the expensive stuff isnt as good!!
  8. Hey guys! what do you use for face or body scrubs that is all natural and organic?! im tired of using chemicals and even the expensive brands arent worth it I found @atpcoffee on instagram and theyre AMAZING. its all natural stuff, essential oils, but they use coffee as the exfoliator! my skin feels so clean fresh and smooth. cant go a few days without it Oh they also have a scrub that is coconut and coffee and smells heavenly. yummy!! what have you guys found?
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