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  1. Aww yes at least once in every woman's life we go through this lol you are not alone. Honestly...its funny because i know exactly what you mean when every time everyone says it looks good and you think well one of them has to look some what better lol and in your case you are beautiful either way but i do think the dark brown looks awesome on you! The blonde is beautiful as well but you said last night you changed it to dark brown after 3 years having it blonde. Girl keep it dark brown, rock that color for a bit Orrrrrr if YOU personally have a preference, then do what YOU want that way you are being yourself and everyone will love it so its a win/win!
  2. o wow never thought to mix colors, all the ones i use is the blackest black or just black color. Well good glad to know there is no downsides to it at least
  3. o wow, sounds like you have had quite the journey. Well idk how familiar you are with youtube, but there is this lovely beauty guru under iheartmakeup92 who dealt with really bad acne.She used to cover it up all the time with just make up but then she found her way of curing her troubles so maybe if you ever find yourself with time, might wanna check her out and see what all she tried and maybe see if any of her ideas would be something you'd like to try if you have not already. Try lookin her up and search how i cured my acne and her videos should pop right up. Anything is worth a shot, hope this will help! Keep your head up, your cure is out there!
  4. If anything from Neutrogena, i may have used those make up remover wipes! If its the one I'm thinking of I'm pretty sure i have! Those are wonderful and very gentle on the skin. I used those all the time till i tried that Garnier skinactive micellar cleansing water. That has been my eye makeup remover and come to think i really have not been taking my face makeup off entirely. I just wash my face and im sure that doesn't get it all so i should pick some of those wipes up to take care of that! Does taking off make up at night before bed really play a role in keeping face clear or is that a myth?? When i go to the store today i will try and find that cleansing bar but i gotta tell ya, "bars of soap" scare me. I don't know what it is but i never used it and don't like them so a facial cleansing bar sounds scary to me lol but maybe if i see it and knowing what it can do i might give it a shot!
  5. why will she be disappointed? what has she told you to do since your last visit? Can't be disappointed when you are unaware what your body is doing, that is out of your control and not your fault. Has your dermatologist prescribed medications that have not worked either? Stress can be a very big trigger if its not like cystic acne. I'm just curious and highly interested because i almost had to go to the doctors years ago for my acne but once i got on birth control it helped control the breakouts and with me taking fish oil and drinking more water daily, ive been pretty satisfied. Have you had any recent changes in medications in general? There can be tons of causes, i hope they help you Wednesday! Keep me posted
  6. Eeep Thank you! Currently i have 5 that i combine all together each time i do my makeup. I'm not sure if that is unhealthy or if there's a rule but i feel like i get the full effect when i do that. I feel if i just use one, it does not give me the look i want to achieve. I use wet n wild mega plump, loreal voluminous original, cover girls super sizer fibers and maybellines lash sensational! Just kind of alternate and layer up till i like what i see.I love the look of having fake lashes on without using fake lashes if that makes sense
  7. Have you ever tried fish oil? If you know you are not allergic or anything I would highly recommend this, Since i have taken fish oil , the Dr. Tobias Optimum Omega 3 Fish oil dietary supplement, it has improved the look of my skin 100%! I don't break out as often or as bad anymore, it makes my skin smoother and less dry, and it also improves hair and nails so its pretty much all round a pretty great product! It has many other benefits as well so i think its worth a try. The combination of taking these daily and increasing your water intake, i would be surprised if you did not show any signs of improvement! Hope this helps!
  8. I am trying to find an inexpensive face wash for sensitive dry skin. One that isn't specifically scented and that can really hydrate my skin. I know there are tons at the store, but i was hoping one stood out from the others and is pretty popular for not being a high end product. Is there such thing?
  9. Hi there, my name is Kristin! I'm new and would just like to introduce myself. I love love love my mascara and hair conditioners in particular! So if you ever come across any you absolutely adore, please feel free to share them with me as i am always open to trying new products out! I love learning tips and tricks about anything hair and make up related so i think i may have found my new home here on the internet I also enjoy giving and receiving advice so I"m excited to share what i have learned and look forward to learning new things!

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