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  1. Oh I was planning on just letting the highlights grow out and slowly be cut until my hair is natural. I have short bobbed hair so I'm hoping this would only take a few regular hair cuts. The rest would just be maintenance to cover grays. I can't use box dye, my hair gets an orangey red cast if I do at home stuff.
  2. Pink is my favorite color and I get compliments on various shades of it. I think it suits my personality which makes it suit me in general. During the day I wear lighter pink (your classic "baby" pink) and at night I like to wear brighter, hot pink. I use clear gloss over all my lipstick, especially the brighter shades because it tones them down.
  3. It's hard to tell because in all the pictures your makeup is done to suit your hair color so they all look good plus the hair styles are different. I find the dark the most striking personally. The light brown is sort of unremarkable, in the sense it wouldn't turn my head if I spotted you on the street. The blonde looks great but it also looks a little overdone but that could be because it's combined with the curls.
  4. For years I've gotten blonde-ish highlights anyway, but lately I can't seem to find anyone who does them well. My natural hair color has turned out to be a lot darker than I seem to have realized (a very dark brown) and has reddish undertones. Lately my highlights have been turning out badly, turning orangey quickly or looking like there are big hunks of blonde. I'm ready to give up the highlights and go back to my natural color. But then I discovered my first few gray hairs. Eeek! I know they're harder to hide on dark hair and I don't want to full on dye my hair all the time, do you think those demi-permanent rinses are a good choices?
  5. You can get enough calories through fruit and veggies and beans/legumes you just have to consume more actual food. It's not for me personally but plenty of vegetarians/vegans live healthy lifestyles without starving themselves.
  6. I'm sure there are positive forms of detoxing especially if you do them with a doctors supervision, but generally speaking most people see detox as drinking hot water and lemon or buying expensive infomercial juice cleanses.
  7. Very pretty for a celebrity or a night of highend clubbing/VIP event. Not something I'd wear in my everyday life.
  8. I think I would wear a sweater or a jacket and wear sandals or flats instead of heels to dress it down. It's much more of a night time look the way it's pictured than a day look.
  9. Are you talking about shaving hair off your face or shaving dead skin cells etc? I've been hearing a lot about dermaplaning lately, professionally it's done with a scalpel but you can do it at home with a razor. Apparently it makes your skin appear brighter and fresher. Apparently Liz Taylor did it daily (when she was young, not later in life) so I guess it's not a new thing. But if you're trying to get rid of hair, waxing and threading are better choices.
  10. I think you should try just a tinted moisturizer or bb cream with a setting spray. I like Urban Decay De Slick setting spray because it controls oil.
  11. It's not what you would call high end neccesarily but my new favorite foundation is Benefit Hello Flawless Wow Oxygen. It's oil free which is good for my oily skin.
  12. Only if it's still on from earlier in the day. I may rinse it off but sometimes I don't. I will put on mascara though, I always wear mascara even if I'm not wearing any other makeup.
  13. For my 13th birthday my older sister took me makeup shopping for the first time. I remember getting powder and blush and eyeshadow and light brown mascara and Bonne Bell lip glosses (not the plain kind we all used as kids but tinted, I actually wish they still made whatever it was they were called, they were great). This was the summer before 7th grade, the start of "real" junior high. I didn't wear foundation until highschool so 14-15. I was a dancer so I was always familiar with stage makeup as a young kid and loved playing with my mom and sisters cast offs.
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