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  1. Understood lol. Definitely not such a fun experience. I never have the patience for that sort of shopping. It is like when girls go to the warehouse sales and line up at 3am to wait for the 8am opening. I cannot do it. But hitting refresh is the worst. Sitting there waiting...ughh


    I guess i have never bought the high demand ones before. For me, i have always seeked out the etsy shops where the photo drew me in and then i always read the description to check the ingredients (because of my sensitive allergy prone skin) so i always end up choosing brands that i feel are safe. Natural ingredients etc...They usually are smaller shops with none of the amount of traffic and buzz you mentioned above haha. The stuff i have bought has worked rly well for me. And i have never had to wait more than a few days to 2 weeks. And it was the shipping rather than the product processing time.


    I wish u better luck! Maybe try smaller brands, lesser known with less craziness. It seems like these indie brands grew too big too fast and could not handle the huge surge of customers

  2. Wow i feel bad for youm i have never ordered from any of the indie brands u mentioned above but i have ordered lots from etsy shops (kinda addicted lol) and i didn't even know they had makeup and skin care until recently! I don't know if you consider etsy shops indie (but you don't get more indie than individually owned do u?)


    I have had nothing but excellent customer service and experience with these shops and the products. The all natural lip balm i bought totally saved my swollen allergic lips. I found the shop owners all to be very open and helpful when I had questions about their products and shipping.


    Hope you have a better experience next time if there is a next time

  3. I suggest any shop on etsy. I am the biggest etsy head lol, but in my defense you will find some really great unique products.

    I agree!! I am addicted to shopping on etsy. The handmade shops are soooo good. Plus they are usually small and the shopowners are super nice in answering all your questions. U can find almost anything you are looking for whether it is talc-free parabens-free etc. They usually list their ingredients

  4. Thanks so much! I love all the suggestions. I have yet to try many of these. I have tried burts bees in the past and I may or may not be sensitive to the apricot kernel oil in some of their lip balms. I think it was a tinted ip shimmer. Oh well:(


    I will check out the discussions you mentioned! Much appreciated

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  5. Hi everyone, I joined this forum in search of some help. I had a recent bout of allergic rash on my skin that unfortunately the doctor cannot pinpoint the cause of except to possibly some skin care or makeup. I have decided to go it as pure as possible and completely look at all of my make up and skin care from the ingredients up. Apparently allergies can develop over time (this is what sucks about getting older

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  6. I am really into cheek tints right now. The one I have is all natural and does leave a tacky feel so it is not for people who love the feel of powders but the fact that it is natural (without chemical preservatives) and has things that are good for my skin was enough to sell me. Plus, everywhere I go, the shiny faced look is so cute! It is so fresh-looking (for lack of a better word)

    .does that make sense?

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