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  1. how did your nails heal? that looks like they may have used an implement to clean under your nails that was contaminated. If your nails were lifted up off the nail bed it is definitely a fungus. You can buy an over the counter treatment at a beauty supply store and don't go back to that salon. If you are in the US there is a .gov site to report salons. search for the board of cosmetology in your state and look for the link. When they get a report they will inspect the salon and make sure they are following state guidelines for sanitation and disinfection. I hope your nails are better no and did not get worse.
  2. you could talk to nail schools in your area. Most nail techs who have clients don't need models. But the girls getting out of school may be interested. It doesn't hurt to ask or put up a flyer at the schools. Best of luck
  3. Essie and Zoya are brands that do not have formaldehyde in them.
  4. Did your nails hurt because they used a drill to file them on top of the nail plate? Did you pull the acrylic off the nail plate? Your nail plate has been compromised and is very thin. That is why they hurt. Your fingers will feel very vulnerable until your nail grows up the nail bed. New nail will grow, you can use a nail strengthener like Nail Envy by OPI and take Biotin to help them grow faster. They will feel very thin when they are wet too because nails are porous and when when wet will be pliable. If you can't stand the feeling, go to a reputable salon, one that does not file the top of the nail with the drill and get an overlay of acrylic, very thin. Then let it grow off with your nail growth. When new nail grows it will be strong. If the overlay lifts off after a month or more at least you will have some fresh growth to protect your nail bed. Your nails are composed of dead cells, they do not need to breath and nail beds will not grow thicker under acrylic. Those were a few things I read in the above posts. Best of luck,
  5. this can be caused from the nail polish remover you use. You should get some 100% acetone from the beauty supply. It will take off polish very fast and wont have to be on your nails as long as non acetone removers. It is sometimes the other ingredients in the non acetone remover that is the culprit
  6. Doing nails is a wonderful career, if you need any advice let me know. I would love to help.
  7. Happy Anniversary in OPI is my favorite color and it looks very similar, so I love it
  8. Soak them in hydrogen peroxide for 5 minutes and then buff your nails. You can buy a super fine 320 grit buffer block from the beauty supply and lightly buff the nail plate. The stain will come off.
  9. My name is Lori Halloway and I have been a licensed Nail Technician for 23 years and licensed Cosmetologist for 14 years. I have owned Voila Salon & Spa in Saline, MI for 14 years and have 9 employees. I have a large and loyal clientele and still work in the salon 40+ hours a week. I am the Author of the book Shear Savvy Secrets and Strategies for Successful Salon Apprenticeships that was published in 2009. I am married, have two children, three dogs. I also serve on the board as the High School PTO Treasurer. I want to share my knowledge with the world and help other licensed professionals and salon owners. Become the best nail technician/manicurist you can be. Learn the "How" and "Why" described in detail through video instruction. You will learn more than you ever thought you needed to know. I also have a blog http://cosmetologyapprenticeship.com/meticulousmanicurist/. To watch my tutorials you can go to my channel at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8O6B9XeAoG10cKUdYGC3YQ
  10. I use spice racks, they hold so many bottles of polish it is crazy. I have both sides of the walls lined with them.
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