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  1. So on some advice I found, I got some samples of supposedly "green undertone" fair foundations recommended from various places on the internet, and tested them. I'll post some pictures I took in sunlight and shadow here. From bottom (elbow) to top they are: (1) MUFE water blend Y225, (2) MUFE HD foundation Y225 (the predecessor to this color was widely recommended as green undertone, but I couldn't see the green in it at all), (3) MUFE HD foundation Y205, (4) Bobbi Brown skin foundation in 0, (5) Bobbi Brown skin foundation in 1, (6) MAC mineralize foundation in NW13, (7) MAC water weight foundation in NW15. (I did test them on my face as well, but I couldn't get a very good picture of it so I tested them on my arm, which is a bit pinker than my face.) Now obviously, most of these foundations are just way too dark for me personally. But also, most of them are just way too orange or too pink, rather than being yellowy, or greenish-blueish like my skin is. Does anyone have any advice on where to go from here?
  2. Whoa, I didn't even know being fair with olive was a thing? I always thought olive was specific to medium to tan shades. Maybe that's why the best way I could describe it is ghastly-translucent blueish greenish "glow in the dark toy that's not glowing." I'll have to go pick up some of that NYX, but I have trouble finding a light enough shade as is! But it sounds like a good idea. But yeah, I'll check out the seasons thing. I never could find out where I fit in that. By virtue of having really dark hair and really pale skin, and by virtue of not "tanning instead of burning," I always figured I was a cool winter, but under some red acne scarring I was never really pink! But yes, like you, I look terrible and SICK in pastels and certain browns, but I always thought I was just a fair-skin thing! I look best in saturated colors, but best in things that are high saturation low value, like forest green or rich yellow ochre or deep raspberry. Would anyone know of any good examples of photo databases or celebrities with fair-green skin so I can compare? Thanks so much for the help!
  3. Hi! I haven't tried Bobbi Brown, but I've tried a few bb/cc creams and they mostly are too orangey/yellowy. But about the ghostly look, what I noticed was that compared to all the tones I tried, my bare skin looked greyish-greenish and so kind of ghastly, and kind of strange next to both pink and yellow undertones.
  4. Hi all, this is my first post here so hope this is in the right place! So after years of just dealing with makeup that didn't match my skin, I decided I should finally find one that looks right. But three stores and like 6 foundation purchases since I've started trying to match it, that's way harder than it sounds, because the undertone always looks "off." Believe me, I've tried all the vein tests, and the jewelry test, clothing colors and white test, they all seen to come up "neutral" or contradictory. I look better in gold, my veins are blue and green, I look okay in anything saturated and terrible in anything pastel, but best in camo green, mustard yellow or terra cotta, I can't tell anything from white paper, lavender blush (I know normally for cool tones) makes my skin pop, and my natural hair color has ranged from almost-black to dark brown with some gold strands over the seasons. On top of that, my partner and I have similar coloring in almost all other ways, but next to him, it's clear that I'm not pink-undertone. Color theory doesn't seem to want to help me out here. Every time I've tried to get matched at a makeup counter (or using the machine at sephora), they almost always put me in cool makeup because I'm so light and it looks decent in the store, and I get home and it's always WAY too pink. Like looks like I mixed peony blush in my foundation pink. So I had someone match me to a warmer shade. To me, that looked a little too yellow but mostly too "dark," even in the lightest shade available. So I went into makeup store today and a lovely man there painted like 8 or 10 samples of all kinds on me and lent me a mirror to go out into the sunlight with, and I finally noticed something: all the makeup, regardless of coverage, seemed far too "colored" for my skin. No matter whether it was too pink or too yellow, my own skin looked like this ashy, greyish (greenish? blueish?) color in comparison. It reminded me of ricepaper. It seemed like there was an undertone there, it just was neither pink nor yellow/gold. What does this strange ghastly color mean for undertones?? How do I find a foundation for it? Does anyone have any recommendations? Thanks!
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