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  1. Hey guy check out my friends susy's super cute valentines day makeup tutorial!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XUYFTH_wx2M https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XUYFTH_wx2M
  2. My hair has grown, but what I notice more is that my nails are supeeer long.Il try to post a pic!
  3. @@Reija Yes I believe this is because prenatal's have a cocktails of vitamin like @@pearldrop said before, Biotin is kind of risky in the sense that it has a tendency to cause acne!! especially if you don't drink enough water!
  4. I have heard many many times, even by older women that they swear by prenatal vitamins, that they really make the hair grow super strong,thick and shiny, and its also great for skin and nails!! on the other hand I have seen that biotin has a huge popularity when it comes to hair care (it's actually known to be the best for hair growth) What do you think would be the best? Or which ones do you recommend, that perhaps nobody knows of for hair growth but has worked for you or someone else recommend it?!
  5. @@Reija, Yeah its a weird story, I don't know if I buy it,You know I have a strong feeling this woman is his ex girlfriend, for some reason I get that feeling that she was romantically involved with him in the past.Its just that by knowing my boyfriend even if he is a good person, I don't think he would get involved in such drama, that's why I find it weird!. Just my thought, But I will ask him in a smart manner to get the answers I want.
  6. About almost TWO years ago, my boyfriend who is 37 asked me (28y/o) to do him a favor and to please call his female ”friend” to give her an address (which I looked up and it happened to be of a lawyer as far as I can remember). He wanted ME to do it because the woman’s husband is somehow violent,and jealous even of his own shadow, so basically it seemed to me that this woman in in some sort of abusive or toxic relationship she has 2 children with this man, and supposedly this man has even been in jail in the past, so my bf wanted me to do him the favor of calling her, Just in case the husband picked up the phone out of rage, that way he would think I was just her friend, and would not put her in any danger,,,this man had even called my boyfriend numerous time at midnight to tell him to not engage in conversations with his wife. and also smashed his wife’s computer for talking to much on Facebook and so on. So 5 days ago,after almost 2 years of not mentioning her whatsoever after that favor he asked me to do, he mentions me this women AGAIN!! and the fact that now she is contacting him because she has ”suicidal” thoughts that she can handle it anymore because she is not happy with her life.., so he was emailing her back trying to talk her out of it,and told me that she is a long time friend and he is concerned of her doing something crazy or wanting to kill herself, But I don’t know what can possibly be going on here that after almost 2 years he mentions me this women again!!! I am very suspicious whether this can be a lover,an ex,What do you think can be happening?I don’t want to be played. gives me a weird vibe.
  7. What are some treatmens to get glossy bouncy hair, my ends are stiff and kinda crispy, should I get them microtrim or nourish them with moisture treatments?? if so which one do you recommend and home remedies as well!!

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