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    Very oily hair

    Hello, princessbella. A good tip when washing your hair is to really make sure you shampoo the roots and scalp well. Sometimes people make the mistake of putting shampoo on top of their hair, but not the roots and scalp. So when you wash your hair, make sure you massage the shampoo into the roots of your hair and scalp. But do this gently and then rinse your hair and scalp really well.
  2. Nick Chavez Fan

    Nail Art & Stamping

    I love nail art. Especially the Konad Nail Art set. It's great that it comes with the polishes, stamping plates and rubber stamper. I especially like how easy it is to use.
  3. Nick Chavez Fan

    Anyone use Nexxus shampoo?

    The smell is lovely to me and I like how rich it is.
  4. Nick Chavez Velvet Mesquite Serum
  5. At Derm Store, there's a 20% off sale on all Natural products. You have to enter NATURAL at checkout. The sale ends 4/16/2017. I'll post the link for it below. http://www.dermstore.com/lp/natural-beauty Also, new subscribers get 20% off and they have free standard shipping.
  6. Nick Chavez Fan

    These are Really Pretty Hair Products.

    I thought that these were really pretty. They're by Nick Chavez and I thought the packaging was a really pretty gold color.
  7. Nick Chavez Fan

    Lime Crime Unicorn Hair

    This looks lovely. And the jar is quite cute. By the way, thanks for welcoming me to this forum when I first joined. I haven't been here long, but I'm enjoying posting here a lot.
  8. Nick Chavez Fan

    Nick Chavez Easy Styler

    Nick Chavez Easy Styler
  9. Nick Chavez Traditions Aloe Volumizing Gel Whip
  10. Nick Chavez Traditions Yucca Root Conditioning Cream
  11. Nick Chavez Traditions Yucca Root Shampooing Cream
  12. Nick Chavez Fan

    I don't remember if I unplugged my flat iron

    Hi, Janell Bender. Oh, dear! Do you remember if your flat iron has an automatic shut-off after it's been on for awhile?
  13. I use a product by Nick Chavez called Velvet Mesquite Serum. It goes on the hair, but the bottle says it can go on the skin, too. It's a clear serum and it smells wonderful (to me, anyway. I know everyone's sense of smell is different). It also helps make my hair really soft. Anyway else tried this or something similar to it?
  14. Nick Chavez Fan

    Best hair mask for damaged hair ?

    Hi, issa88. Nick Chavez makes Velvet Mesquite Recovery Hair Masque.
  15. Nick Chavez Fan

    Hair care tips?

    Hi, Natalie220. Perhaps your hair might be a little dry. You can try a product by Nick Chavez called Velvet Mesquite Serum. It helps to make the hair smooth and soft. This is what the 2 oz. bottle looks like. And this is the bigger 4 oz. bottle. Nick also makes a hair mask.
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