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  1. When it comes to things I haven't opened yet, I give them away. But I gotta admit I really like mixing them up and making my own products, especially lipsticks and lip balms.
  2. @@Reija Thank you for answer, I think I 'm going to give them a try. The price is not my main concern but I hate when I buy expensive stuff that is eventually proven to be crap.Apparently I have a few Rosettos from Maybelline and they are quite satisfying for drugstore products.
  3. I recently swatched them at Sephora and I loved the texture, the smell and colors. I literally fell in love with Nosferatu (Mother,Vampira and Lolita are also my favorites).However I am constantly hearing people say they are very patchy when worn on the lips and kinda disappointing. What is your opinion on this series, is it worth the hype or is it a waste of money? Are there any good dupes for the shades I mentioned?
  4. Great quality product, I have nothing more to say.
  5. Korres is one of my ultimate favorite brands when it comes to make-up products with natural ingredients.The only thing that lets me down is the limited variety of shades and textures (maybe there are more available in the brand's homeland...who knows?).I absolutely adore the body butters I have tried (Jasmine, Japanese rose, Vanilla-Cherry, Guava), they are sooo hydrating without being greasy and they have these awesome, natural scents. I also love the Morello line lipsticks, the lip-balms (especially the Plum one) and I am looking forward to try their new fragrances. I recently tried skincare products from Apivita and I am pretty impressed, I think it was a pink clay mask and a face scrub.Unfortunately I have been told they don't have any make-up products, at least for the time being...
  6. I wear a variety of perfumes, but these are some I especially love, not because of their fantastic scents but also because they were gifts from dear ones: La Nuit Tresor by Lancome, Mon Paris by YSL, Bonbon and Flowerbomb by Viktor&Rolf, Miss Dior (the last one )
  7. Ι wouldn't say so, but I agree with your last sentence.
  8. I don't mean to sound narcissistic, but I 've been told I look quite good and I am really thankful for it. Of course, it depends on the day. There are some times when I wake up with black circles under my eyes because of poor sleeping or a red spot or pimple appears on my face due to PMS, so I feel better by concealing them. To be honest, I personally don't believe that make up can drastically change someone's face. At least not a quantity of it that is going to make them look totally hideous. A normal quantity of beautifully applied make up just enhances the main features of the face. Nothing more, nothing less.
  9. This is going to make things even worse for the nails, as I explained in my previous answer. Here is a great article of a nail expert, concerning the damage prolonged exposure to water can do to one's nails and explaining why this happens: http://www.nailcarehq.com/chipped-nail-polish-from-the-shower/ A couple of articles about maintaining healthy nails and preventing situations like breaking: http://www.nailcarehq.com/healthy-nails/ http://www.nailcarehq.com/stop-breaking-nails/ I also decided to feature the following article about removing polish stains, in which it is stated that soaking the nails in water based solutions like the one you suggested (lemon juice and water in particular) is to be avoided: http://www.nailcarehq.com/polish-stain-removal-tips/ Bonus: Why nail strengtheners often fail to solve the problem of breaking nails: http://www.nailcarehq.com/nail-strengtheners-opi-nail-envy/
  10. Satin lipsticks by MAC, Color Crush by The Body Shop and Morello by Korres.
  11. If your nails break and peel often, it is probably because they are too dry and hard. Maintaining elastic nails is the key for preventing the breaking. That's the reason nail strengtheners usually don't work, they make nails harder, thus they are more prone to breaking when pressure is applied. What your nails need is massaging with oil, which will keep them hydrated and add to the natural oils your body emits. Avoid elongated contact with water as much as possible, as it washes the natural oils of the nail away. Keep them painted for the oils to remain locked in, instead. Buffing or drilling the nails, especially if you are into acrylic nails, are not good either, because they make the nails thinner, so they end up having the tendency to peel. Use acetone to remove the polish, it evaporates super quickly and stays on your nails much less than any other polish remover. Apart from nail care, eating healthily and balanced plays an important role in having strong, elastic nails.
  12. Εat healthy food, apply nail oil, avoid dipping them in water for a long time and stay away from acrylic, buffers and nail strengtheners, all they will do is make it worse.
  13. I used to have the same problem and I have noticed that sweaty hands contribute a lot to this situation. Maybe you should try to reduce daily stress or use hand sanitizer more often. You can also file your nails so that they are not so curved, which prevents the dirt from sticking under them.
  14. It's most likely fungus...Stay away from that salon.
  15. I would recommend you not to leave it wet, it is the best way for bacteria to develop... dry it with paper or a clean cloth-towel or leave it to air dry. I usually dab mine with a little bit of alcohol, which evaporates quickly.
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