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  1. I am surprised to hear that! I haven't had any issues with missing compensation in the past. Usually they are responsive by e-mail- did you e-mail the person that was running your particular study directly, or did you try the general "Contact Us" address? In my experience the person that is running the study has always been responsive. Good luck to you!
  2. You can absolutely sign up even if you are participating in the main L'Oreal consumer testing website. There have been plenty of testing opportunities through the "Clean & Green" beauty program and the compensation is in Amazon gift cards, which is pretty amazing. I do have to tell you though that the "Clean & Green" beauty program is migrating this week. It sounds like L'Oreal is going to combine 5 testing programs together to form the "L'Oreal C Space community". It sounds like a bigger forum, but members will still have an opportunity to talk to each other via the website, and to discuss all things beauty. I hope you join in the fun!
  3. Congrats! That sounds like a very nice comp for the mascara study. I have heard good things about the Vichy cleanser
  4. My comp for a hair study (HC17-079) that I completed in July was extremely generous. I received an Urban Decay eye shadow palette, a Lancome all-over eyeshadow brush, and a Maybelline lipstick (in a very flattering shade). In addition- the shampoo, conditioner, and leave-in treatment that I tested were amazing. I only wish I knew what the brand was so I could purchase them!!!
  5. Hi, and happy Friday! I think that I have had beginner's luck with L'Oreal, but my dashboard has been kinda quiet lately (maybe because I am already okay'd for next week's hair study). I have had some luck also with "The Pink Panel" and just today there was a facial product study through "Clicks Research" that popped up in my e-mail Inbox. If you haven't already done so, maybe you might want to look into those opportunities as well? Crossing my fingers that you get to participate in something fun soon!
  6. The packaging is quite beautiful, and unique, and I am curious as to how the different products are
  7. I just received an e-mail today for a beauty product test study. This is my first study with Clicks Research and I am looking forward to it. Did anyone else get in?
  8. Just curious- is anyone starting an at-home hair study on September 12th? I am looking forward to it since I had such a great experience in another L'Oreal hair study a few months ago.
  9. Lucky you! I would have loved to participate in a mascara study but didn't see a survey in my queue. I did; however, complete an eyeliner/eye-brightener study (about 2 weeks ago) and am also waiting for a comp. A friend of mine completed an eyebrow product study 3 weeks ago and is also waiting for a comp. I hope that you see something in your mailbox soon
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