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  1. I pretty much agree, though makeup can make a fairly dramatic difference in some cases. Of course, unless someone has decent features to begin with, makeup isn't going to make her into a "cover girl."
  2. Maybe you need new friends. I used to be told that I looked "like a different person" without makeup, and I believed it. Then a major illness landed me in the hospital, with no access to makeup, for months, and I was told that I looked like I was wearing makeup, though I wasn't. So I obviously didn't look as ghastly as I'd been led to believe. I wonder if you're in a similar situation. Unless your profile photo has been drastically altered, you're lovely. I suspect that your friends are jealous! If you want to wear makeup, do it, but if you don't, go bare-faced and know that you still look great.
  3. I came across this article on Fall 2017 makeup trends, and it looks a little scary. I realize that these are runway looks, not intended for real-life wear, but they may have an influence on what turns up at makeup counters in the coming months. Yikes! What are your impressions?
  4. Have you ever admired someone else's look so much that you tried to copy it? I'm not proud of it, but I have. In my defense, I was a teenager when it happened, but, still ... A friend of mine had what seemed to me like absolutely exquisite eyes and long lashes; I did everything in my power to look just like her, and became quite frustrated when I just couldn't quite pull it off. It really stung when people would remark about how beautiful this girl was, then turn to me and say something like, "Oh, hello, Carla; I didn't see you!" Eventually, though I matured [some] and grew to appreciate my own unique look and discover ways to set it off. That approach is much more rewarding. Has anyone else been guilty of this sort of thing?
  5. I'm glad you're okay with not being a copy of a Kardashian; heaven knows what kind of "enhancements" they've had done, and they tend to look a little wan at times, at least to me. Trying to look like someone else is demoralizing, anyhow.
  6. I think you've got a point, Sanchybae. My white-as-sour-cream complexion does show every little bump, sag, and acne scar. Since I've started exfoliating weekly, though, my skin has improved to the point that I'm comfortable wearing just sunscreen and concealer, for casual occasions. It took a while for me to get to this point, though.
  7. When I was in my 20s (I'm now 53), I was absolutely positive that I was a real wolfing dog without makeup, but I've changed my mind. While I do look my best with a little makeup, I have good skin, large eyes, nice brows, and full lips, so I look fine bare-faced. When I was in the hospital for a lengthy period, I had no access to makeup, and instead of fleeing in terror my visitors kept complimenting me on my appearance. In fact, one lady whom I'd known for years told me, "You look better now that you've started wearing your makeup again!" Except that I hadn't. The lightbulb went on, and ever since then I've felt more comfortable with my natural face. How about everyone else? Do you feel that you "need" makeup, or can you take it or leave it?
  8. I agree that nude non-colors look best on fuller lips. But even though I'm blessed with naturally full lips, beige still looks like the Dawn of the Dead, or at least the Age of Anemia, on me. Maybe it's my coloring.
  9. Count me as a "hate." ​I generally prefer bold lips, but I will wear the occasional subdued rose (Too Faced La Matte in "Hey Gurrl" is a favorite), but I think I, like most women, look best with at least a little color on my lips. It annoys me a little when, if I Google "I hate nude lips," instead of getting sympathy, I get "How to Find the Right Nude for You." There is no "right nude" for me, just as there is no "right shade of puce" for my hair; it's simply not the look for me. Years from now, I may cringe when I look at photos of myself wearing bold lips, but I doubt it.
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