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  1. Sparklicity Shimmer Dust in shade Bronze
  2. Shape Tape Concealer and Laura Mercier Setting Powder
  3. I really love this Superdrug towel, it's changed my skin for the better! And I don't DREAD removing my makeup anymore
  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TrMdnXe0GOI It is about 30 minutes long, but it is LOADED with good skin care & foundation knowledge So if you're looking to up your basic foundation game this is definitely for you! PEACE xo
  5. It depends on everybody's skin type! And the thread creator's problems can come from so many things like your skin being too dry, an incorrect primer, an incorrect way of applying the foundation onto your skin, using the wrong kind of foundation, or EVEN putting the wrong kind of stuff ON TOP of your foundation, OR putting the stuff on top of it IN A WRONG WAY! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TrMdnXe0GOI I actually made a video on foundation for like back-to-school kind of theme / time of year, but it's good for anyone! If you can be bothered watching it, go ahead, it is loaded with some good skin care + foundation knowledge and tips. BUT... If your skin is dry, you have to use a good moisturizing cream that you know works for you. apply it AT LEAST 10 minutes before you do your foundation. it can be even 2 hours before (maybe not 5 hours, re-apply it then, but it's not so strict). Simply make sure your skin without any foundation on it is nice and healthy, because putting any extra chemicals in form of foundation and other makeup can only make it worse if done poorly. I personally prefer to apply my foundation with a beauty sponge, over a brush, because brush bristles tend to irritate a lot of sensitive skin types. If your skin is REALLY dry and it has dry patches, the bristles will just scrape them even more, creating dead skin excess. (make sure to exfoliate!). fingers in my opinion are a no-no (I talk about this in more depth in the video), so if you are looking to improve anything at all about your foundation game, try getting a good foundation brush or preferably a beauty sponge. Once you've applied and blended your foundation, pay attention to what you're doing afterwards as well, as that will have a big effect on this too! If you are putting concealer on, or powders (setting, contouring, bronzer) make sure you are tapping everything in, rather than smearing it around as that will move the cream foundation around! the best way to lock your foundation in is to use a translucent SETTING (not finishing or HD) powder and tap that into your skin with a brush, LIGHTLY whisking away any excess after a minute or two. this is probably a lot of info, but for any makeup mistakes it's very much a trial & error kind of discovery situation. be extra mindful of what you're doing and HOW, take good care of your skin, and you should see visible effects within weeks, if not days (or immediately, if it's down to applying technique). I don't want to write anymore as a lot of text tends to scare some people away haha but if you want to, contact me for any more questions and i will be happy to help, or simply respond further here and if you're up for about 30 minutes worth of YouTube, go to my video for A LOT of good foundation knowledge!
  6. I didn't see an overall rating including price, quality, etc : that would be 2 out of 5 stars ✨!
  7. Here it is! https://youtu.be/ZJ4a1ZBvshA I've actually got another video coming up later today in just a couple hours. This time on how to contour your face :3
  8. I didn't know I would do this ever again! I used to be on different games / social forums when I was much younger all the time! This is very reminiscent for me haha but of course not about games anymore and slightly more serious
  9. I am actually the worst at coming up with nicknames and one of the first places on the internet I would register I didn't really know what to type so I typed in Jakub which is my first name! And that was of course taken... so the rest is in my nickname lol !!! The YT part is just because I'm trying to get my YouTube Channel going
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