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  1. leepalmer

    Porn Stars Before and After Makeup

    Most of celebs look rather average without professional makeup and hairstyle, I guess that is because they become successful because of their personalities and talents, I dunno .. Really cute models are being filmed at advertising of Womanizer and other best adult sex toys ; as for adult film stars, they're just ordinary girls.
  2. I could recommend you medical marijuana to cope with anxiety, but I guess your clients won't understand this lol. Honestly, it is a normal feeling to be anxious with first clients, later you will be feeling more confident, your clients will be satisfied with your mastery, your self esteem will grow. Good luck!
  3. Sounds strange to me, because vaping is rather cheap, at least comparing to smoking. My latest purchase is nokiva vaporizer , and I won't need another one until it's broken. Anyways, I think you both came to right decision, hope you accomplish what you promised each other.
  4. leepalmer

    Driving Miss Daisy

    Funny story, thanks for posting it. How come I didn't notice it earlier on this source? By the way, an old man was lucky because most of guys at his age are not able to even experience erection (some cialis coupons might solve this problem).
  5. I am not an expert, but seems like it is not legal lol. Anyways, if you want to download something very much, you can always use VPN, just be careful not to be caught up. As for the further file opening and conversion, I highly recommend this tool , it helped me out million times in issues like these.
  6. Thanks for sharing the article. I just can't stop wondering how many people suffer from mental diseases. Depression, anxiety, stress, fatigue - these disorders are more serious than someone could think. Literally every fifth citizen of the USA is sentenced to one of this disorders and is potential client of Canadian Pharmacy Online . That's sad.
  7. Omg women viagra I thought it must be a mistake when I read title PINK viagra, as these pills are usually blue and original ones are not cheap at all (here is a viagra coupon if you need); moreover, you can't get any of them without a prescription.
  8. leepalmer

    Cannabis being used to improve skin care

    Whole world is talking about benefits of cannabis oil today, but I never knew it can be used in cosmetology. Just wondering how it can be applied at home? By adding few drops into the cream for example? Because this is an essential oil, not basic one, overdose can do harm to the skin.
  9. leepalmer

    Online shopping in Europe

    I still see no alternatives to Amazon, I tried tons of online beauty stores but only Amazon can provide me with the rarest and the most exclusive products. I guess the most important detail here is to choose a good seller. I always pay special attention to order history and reviews, never deal with 3 star selles with low reputation for example. Here is a very helpful service by the way allowing to find the best offer https://www.amadeal.eu/ , I never buy a thing without checking it first.
  10. leepalmer

    Whole House Humidifiers

    I have few humidifiers, can't stand dry air, too
  11. leepalmer

    I love flowers and gardening! :)

    Bluebells are gorgeous but I must confess I never saw one as a garden plant, just at different greenhouses, exhibitions and on TV of course. It's spring already (woo!) and I am looking for some good plants for the garden, too. I did check out this store ashridgetrees.co.uk , I like the reviews and the prices seems to be rather decent, too.
  12. leepalmer

    Understand more about fashion!

    Great post, I love the idea with white dress! But I have to confess I never wanted to be a trend setter, but prefer classic traditions, mostly stolen from Italy I love natural materials and elegant designs, I am absolutely amazed with the 2018 Italian fashion trends.
  13. leepalmer

    Dry itchy skin and shaving woes

    I feel your pain, I am seriously thinking about how can I substitute shaving on another method of hair removal, as I usually suffer from "after-shave" consequences, mostly razor bumps. If I can fight the dry skin, I am completely helpless in front of irritations. These tips are my last hope http://ohealthyeah.com/razor-bumps/ .
  14. leepalmer

    Alright ladies, who is a gamer??

    I play WoW since it's release, all of my student years I hang at GTA, CS:GO. As for the apps, I love Asphalt, Osmos and Angry Birds yep. I even tried some games from this list https://gamblingchief.com as I am rather venturous, I checked online lotteries and even won few times.
  15. Hi sister, same with me . Here is a great online service to boost your antorus https://leprestore.com/buy-antorus-boost/ , just recently found it and decided to find some adherents here for sharing. My family knows that at least one hour a day I dedicate to online games, mostly to the WoW and nobody complaints.
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