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  1. I suggest going onto YouTube to see different techniques and reviews of products.
  2. Hi everyone, My spouse and I are going to be spending our Easter this year on the Las Vegas strip. And as a side adventure, she said I could go makeup shopping. I was wondering if you beauties knew of any cosmetic stores that are located on the strip since we will most likely only be walking around and not driving. I know that there is an Inglot store (I'm not sure where exactly) and I know that there is a Nyx store in the Planet Hollywood's Miracle Mile shops. Its been a tradition of mine to shop for makeup while on spring break in Las Vegas since I was ten years old, and I want to hit up stores that are difficult to find here in Phoenix, AZ.
  3. @rianarob If possible, I return the product to the store. I had to return the whole Too Faced Peach collection when it first came out because I purchased all the products but the fragrance gave me a horrible reaction on my face. If I am unable to return the products then I sanitize them the best I can and give them to friends, coworkers, etc. Products like lip gloss and liquid eye products just get tossed. I don't have the time or need to sell them. I've looked into donating products to a women's shelter but none around me take used or sample sized products.
  4. I subbed to the Julep Maven box (I like getting things in the mail) and I'm excited to try them. Other than that, I plan on trying the Color Club gel polish if the Julep products don't work out. xX Keeping my fingers crossed Xx
  5. @Reija I will have to try the Julep polishes, I've yet to try that brand.
  6. @chelleeeer I like your nails. I actually like stiletto nails. I personally do not wear them because I work in a hospital and they are not allowed. But I have worn longer nails since the age of ten (both natural and artificial) and I have learned many tricks to doing normal tasks without poking an eye out, snagging clothing, or breaking a nail. Personally, I prefer a more natural almond shape as I feel it elongates and slims my stubby fingers.
  7. Hi everyone, My name is SarahJayne, I work in a hospital and I have a bit of an issue keeping my nails looking neat and protected. I prefer to have natural medium length nails, however any product I put on them gets worn down/ breaks down due to the amount of hand sanitizer and hand washing that I do. (My facility requires that we use hand sanitizer prior to entering the patient's room, before changing our gloves, and prior to exiting the patient's room) I've counted and I apply sanitizer to my hands and nails about 100 times per night on an average day working in ICU. Currently I have my natural nails short to the nub with no polish, but this is ugly and does not look feminine on my stubby hands. Additionally, even though my nails are trimmed very short they still chip, snag, and break. I would normally alleviate this by using nail polish. Any suggestions of new products to try, special top coats, etc.? BTW I only use cruelty free products, and I love holographic nails. Thanks for reading!

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