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  1. Nowadays, I think more people are looking at non-surgical treatments. i.e. fillers Can research more and see which one is suitable for you Learn more about Radium Medical Aesthetics
  2. Im using phillip now.. but thinking to get the dyson hair dryer =P My friend says its fast drying, protect the hair and will make your hair shine/soft ... not sure real or not... but i heard alot of good reviews Learn more about Radium Medical Aesthetics
  3. Can do hydrating mask at home and eat more fruits. For scar, you might want to try vitamin e - good for healing.. https://radium-aesthetics.com/treatment/infini-scar-removal-singapore/
  4. beru

    Dry Skin

    My skin is oily - but once in a while, my surface skin will be very dry and this makes my makeup looks so cakey.. What i do is, i will do a mask at home do give some moisture brighten the skin.. I will also go for facial - once a month... if there is an impt event, i will do my facial 2 days before the event.. the skin will looks so much better with make up and my skin texture is smoother after the facial.. I do recommend similar treatment like this one below... u may want to check around if there is such treatment in your country Note: My skin type is oily (sometimes will have dry skin but that is on the surface only) https://radium-aesthetics.com/treatment/healite-led-blue-light-face/ https://radium-aesthetics.com/treatment/radium-red-carpet-facial-face/
  5. I love to use Dior - extreme control (good for oily skin) I use their blusher too. Visit Radium Medical Aesthetics today.
  6. Yes I heard of this! It is good for dry hair =) Visit Radium Medical Aesthetics today.
  7. I hate acne! In my younger days, i often envy those who have snow white crystal clear skin =( What I do is to use clay mask at home and avoid touching my face with hands (germs!). When I got older, i started to go facial and probably hormone changes, my skin gets better =) From experience, i think do drink more water and eat more food. try to avoid eating fast food. Go for facial once a month to let them do a deep cleansing for your face. DIY - I use toothpaste on acne when im young Oxy10 - This is actually quite good Facial - I went to Radium Medical Aesthetics in Singapore http://radium-aesthetics.com/treatment/renew-acne-peel/
  8. I learnt from my mum that u can use ginseng essence to apply on scalp..will help to grow hair... for me, i dun use this way...i dun like the smell..what i do is to give my head a massage frequently and use those hair protect shampoo (less oily scalp = less hair loss). I do go for hair treatment...like once a year (a full program). This is to help on hair-loss and have a healthy scalp. U can try to look for those clinic which are specialize in hair loss treatment. In Singapore, i went to Radium Medical Aesthetics. http://radium-aesthetics.com/program/restoration-hair-loss-treatment/
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