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  1. Hi! If you’re have a lot of hair loss, you can use castor oil. It’s cheap, you can apply it on the scalp and it will grow new hair. I’ve personally experienced this and it works miracles. Just put it on the spots where there is less hair every night and wash it off in the morning. Make sure you use a shampoo without sulfates or parabens. Those ingredients with prevent your hair from growing. For growing your hair longer, I suggest using a hair mask or deep conditioner with no harsh ingredients once a week. Don’t do this too often, once a week is enough. If you do a mask or deep conditioner too often, your scalp can become clogged with will cause your hair to grow slower. I also recommend using a shampoo without sulfates or parabens, this will help your hair grow faster and stronger. I recommend eating vegetables and fruit, you can take omega 3 supplements too for a healthier scalp. If you have oily hair and an oily scalp, try only washing your hair every three days. You can shower with a shower cap on the days you need to shower. Washing your hair less will eventually let your scalp know that it doesn’t need to produce as much oil. It takes a few weeks. In the mean time, use dry shampoo. Keep massaging your scalp! This will definitely increase hair growth.
  2. Hello! I’m new looking to help people with questions like this. I know a lot about skincare and I can help you. If you want to cure your acne whether it’s with home remedies or products from the store, you need to figure out your skin type. Do you already know what your skin type is? If so, tell me. If not, these are the types of skin: Oily Sensitive Dry Combination of oily and dry Normal skin (neither too oily or too dry, just right) You can have more than one skin type. Which of these do you think you have?
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