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    Hello! I go by BeautybyLuo and I'm a beauty fanatic!
    Check out my Youtube and would much appreciate any support and love!
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    Can we please bring over Aanastasia beverly hills, Colour Pop, Tarte and other brands over to the UK! lol
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  1. I would recommend a set of bath bombs! Theres a nice shop called 'LUSH' that sells them as gift sets, or you can go to bath and body works that always does the trick. Theres also roses? Every gal loves roses.. or try a nice side bag? Let me know
  2. heeeey, yes! mee tooooo. Im a youtube type of person over TV and netflix. Thank you for subscribing! omg the green tea cleanser.. best thing ever! and the baby lotion I discovered when I went Hong Kong for the first time, I'm quite picky with what cream I use on my face as its the most sensitive and this cream is so soothing and the smell is so homely. Thank you again! I appreciate your comments!! xx
  3. Hi Groot. (Love the username btw. ) Hopefully you're still active on here. > First off, there's CC and BB creams CC has more coverage and works more like foundation and BB is basically a tinted moisturiser and is more natural. Depends on your preference, you can go for either. Let's go straight to step 1. - What is your skin type? all companies cater to different skin types, hence the consistency is different for all. If you have oily skin - go for a matte finish and a lighter formula, if you have dry skin - go for a more thicker and whipped formula. I haven't tried it personally, but apparently IT cosmetics CC cream works wonders and ticks the box for 4hours + wear. ! Let me know how it goes!
  4. heh thanks! Slow start but getting there..
  5. I use SNS! I would HIGHLY recommend them to anyone that wants to do nail extensions or just simply to strengthen them.
  6. Aw, thanks! I think they sell worldwide! but just double check... Looking back at this video I posted.. waaa I wish my nails still looked this good. Its cut short right now. =/
  7. How interesting... I've never come across the thought of that. - But then again, I recently did a big new year new 2020, and done a clear out of any old makeup I had laying around that I do not use at all that i kept, simply for the reason that I wanted to look like I had loads when I do my makeup. - I do love make up and I would SOOO splurge if i could! but its just so damn expensive. Plus, the only makeup places where I am are Superdrug's, boots and large department stores.. there's no Sephora here.. I remember when I went to Paris and came across a sephora for the first time. I was defiantly in HEAVEN LOL! Im a sucker for buying through influencers.. so if its trending, i'll defo give it a go, Where do you find your recommendations for new makeups? Also, hats off to you! You are doing an amazing job so far!
  8. LOL! Check my one out.. but its the other way round. My bf did my make up. you should try this one!!
  9. Hey!! How are you?! I've just come across your post haha the title was so intriguing. No buy - So does that mean your trying to not spend money? omg that so difficult!! im also trying to save as well, hopefully for a house one day in the near future. I hope your staying safe, with this whole pandemic happening.. xx but yes, like you said. your wallet got it easy now. defiantly no spending lolol!
  10. Haha! Welcomeeeeeeee!! What would you like to expand your knowledge on?! I have so much I can share.
  11. Hey! How are you? Wow you're from Marrakech? - How is it over there
  12. Hey! Welcome to the community! - I remembered when I first join Be sure to be curious I'll be more than happy to help answer any questions related to beauty!!!! wooo
  13. Hey Everyone!! I wanted to start this thread for everyone who has or starting a YOUTUBE CHANNEL. - I understand that a lot of people would love to jump onto the youtube wagon and become an influencer but its so hard to reach a large audience. We can try so hard to promote it on all our own platforms but it won't reach further than friends and family. As this is a beauty/fashion community I want to start a place where we can all support and like/comment on each others youtube channel, this way, I hope that my audience can reach over to yours and vice versa. This is a place of appreciation. - This is a place for support - This is a place for someone who wants to start an exciting journey through being an influencer. It's simple. 1. Share your youtube channel 2. Click and open on a new tab - on someone else's youtube link and subscribe to their channel 3. Drop a like on their videos or maybe even a comment! 4. Share the love, and another will do in return! ❤️ HERE IS MY youtube: http://www.youtube.com/lindaaaboo 🥰 (Be sure to follow the steps and love will be returned!)
  14. Hey Everyone! - It has been a very very long time since i've been on this site. 

    I hope everyone has been doing well, please stay safe during this pandemic. 

    It's been about two years, I've got so much to talk about and share! I can't wait :) 

    1. Reija


      Glad to see you! Welcome back!! Hope you are staying safe!

    2. Beautybyluo


      Hey Reija! Thank you for the warm welcome! 

      Thank you, I'm in UK and its only just getting started.. I hope you stay safe too! x

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