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  1. That sounds amazing! I think DIY is so much fun and also a great for just general knowledge when you look into benefits of each oils and what is good for the face, eyes, lips.. So far my favourite is jojoba oil and caster!
  2. Thank you! I have been looking up lip balm recipes originally, then I started looking into oils and scrubs, from online blogs pages, DIY youtube tutorials from actual business owners who have their own lip care brand and just general research into what each oil does and what is more beneficial for the lips specifically. OH! Pinterest has so many good recipes for basic lip scrubs and blogs too! There was so many things I've learn about different oils, also about what type of product I needed for scent/flavour, for example best to use essential oils in lip products. You can only use SOME fragrance oils.. but you have to be wary of which ones as some is not safe for lips.
  3. Hey Everyone.. during this lockdown I found a little hobby in making lip scrubs and oils. I have tested these on myself for a month making sure the formula and consistency is how I want it. Here are my Lip oils! Also my scrubs, but I didn't take a photo yet unfortunately! Oils that I explored with: > Grapeseed Oil > Sweet almond Oil > Avocado Oil > Jojoba Oil > Coldpress Coconut oil and then I addd drops of flavourings and mica colouring!
  4. Hey everyone! My new DEWY makeup look is out now on youtube! Be sure to check it out ❤️ 

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  5. Hey! I don't really use primers but I'm sure someone else who will come across this post might be able to answer! For the oily skin, I would recommend putting setting powder on your face, mist it with setting spray (Lightly) THEN apply foundation.. give that a try. Also a great tip for oily skin is use waterproof mascara instead of normal... as normal mascara will transfer onto your under eye area over time and upper lid due to oils. Also Mac foundation has great coverage for any blemish and scarring. I'm just looking on google now and it seem to highly recommend Charlotte Tilbury's airbrush foundation.. I know that brand is more on the pricy side.. but its worth checking in store and getting one of the girls there to do a test on your skin before purchasing. Hopefully theres something useful you can take from this. let me know if you come across other tips that work! x Linda
  6. I was just going to recommend ELF Camo Concealer! until I read your post. I actually used it recently in my video. but yes ELF Camo concealer is great. It's full coverage, a little on the thicker side but blends amazingly and affordable too.
  7. The other day I attempted to do some nail art.. after mastering marble nails, I've become a more keen and determined to learn more nail art techniques. What do you all think!? - I hand draw the logos and hand made the marbles all with gel polish!
  8. HEYYY! Welcome! ? If you need any help, tips or tricks don't hesitate to ask us all!
  9. Sneak Peak of my next video on youtube! 

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  10. Into Skin Care? - Heres my Minimalistic skin care routine - NIGHT TIME ?

    My Skin type: Dry/Combination (sometimes oily in the T-zone)

    All products I used are stated down below: 

    1. Nivea, Double effect makeup remover
    2. The Body Shop, Japanese green tea pollution clearing mask
    3. NeoGEN, Green tea foam cleanser
    4. Polåar, Eye Contour roller
    5. Baby Johnson, Milk and Rice cream



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    Feeling Peachy at all?! Check out my peachy, Faux Freckles and fringe look on youtube! Let me know what you think!

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    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jTN6G_hbHc0 << ---- Follow the link!

  12. Hey, I'm currently using that soap right now.. its been.. 2 weeks and a half? I haven't seen any changes yet. I'm going to give it a full month to see if there will be results, or maybe its a super long term change over time. Right now, I can't say I believe it works just yet!
  13. Hi Everyone! Today I tried to marble for the first time!!! Although I do nails, I was never a nail art person. Very proud of how it turned out. I used all gel polishes! Let me know if you would love to see a video on it! xx Keep safe everyone!
  14. Here are my three favourite pink polishes from Nails Inc. No Flash and with Flash! Go check them out
  15. HEY! I hope everyone has been well and safe. Does anyone have any recommendation for hair masks/treatments to do at home? any natural hair remedies would be great or branded masks. I have bleached hair and its got a few split ends... I do go for the occasional hair cut but I'm scared to go for a big chop. So I've been trying to put coconut oil in my hair but it just makes my scalp super itchy?

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