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  1. Wow thank you SO much for this feedback it's so nice that you took the time to look into my blog! I'm so glad that you like it. I have just put up my second post if you fancy reading, no pressure! https://studentbeautydiaries.blogspot.co.uk/2018/02/my-non-acne-targeted-approach-to-acne.html Thank you so much again, your comment has made my day xxx
  2. Hi everyone! I have just set up a blog and uploaded my first post. My blog is beauty related, combining a love for makeup and skincare with the fact that I am a student! Hence, The Student Beauty Diaries was born: https://studentbeautydiaries.blogspot.co.uk As a new blogger, I would really appreciate any feedback or comments on my blog, as well as general advice for blogging: how to gain readers, the kind of content to post, etc. I am very new to all this so any help or advice would be MUCH appreciated. I also really want to find other blogs to interact with, I feel so alone in the blogging community mainly because I don't know how it works! So please leave your blog links so that I can check them out and find people to interact with. Thank you so much in advance xxx
  3. Hi there! I really don't want to be one of those annoying self-promo types, but here goes. I have always been into beauty - I'm a real girly girl and so into makeup and skincare. Unfortunately, I was kind of forced into an interest in skincare, as I have been struggling with acne since I was about 12 (I'm now 18). So, after YEARS of experimentation with skincare, I felt really inspired to help others in my position, and felt I had enough skincare experience to start a blog! My blog is based around being a university student who is into makeup and skincare. I have just posted my first post - my acne skincare routine. I really would appreciate any comments, feedback or advice about my post but also blogging in general - I'm so new to all this! My blog is called The Student Beauty Diaries - https://studentbeautydiaries.blogspot.co.uk Thank you SO much to anyone who reads in advance. I would love to interact with other bloggers so please please let me know any other blogs to look up! Thank you! Xx
  4. I have just posted my skincare routine for acne skin on my new blog! It's my first ever post so I would really really appreciate any comments or feedback. I'm not trying to be that annoying self-promo girl, just desperate for some feedback. My blog is called The Student Beauty Diaries - https://studentbeautydiaries.blogspot.co.uk Thank you so much in advance xxx
  5. I have just posted my first ever blog post on my new blog - would really appreciate if anyone would head over to read it/comment/give some feedback! I'd love to start interacting with other blogs! My blog is The Student Beauty Diaries - https://studentbeautydiaries.blogspot.co.uk I have just posted my skincare routine for acne skin! Would appreciate any feedback! Thanks so much in advance xxx
  6. Hi guys!! I have just built up the courage to start my own new beauty blog: The Student Beauty Diaries - https://studentbeautydiaries.blogspot.co.uk Although I'm really enjoying writing the posts, I'm struggling to get my blog viewed, and I'm not really sure how to engage with other blogs. I'm new to the 'Blogger' website so I'm unsure how to find other blogs to interact with! So, I'd really appreciate if any of you would head over to my blog and check out my first post and let me know what you think. I'd also love to read other beauty blogs so if you could leave yours below that would be great!! General blogging advice is also very welcome. I'm new to this website too, eager to find people to engage with! Thanks so much in advance!

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