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  1. Thankyou for the input. The problem isn't a rash, fortunately. I'm starting to think it's a cleaning issue. I use facepads to clean my face, but those burn around the eye area. So i just thought showering would be do the job. Clearly i was wrong! But yeah, showering makes things worse, and moisturising makes things worse. Do you think i might need to exfoliate? Not sure how to clean such a sensitive area as around and underneath the eyes effectively.
  2. Hello everyone. I'm a guy who has really never used any sort of skin products (outside of shaving), but really have a need for your powers of sorcery on this one! I have very dry skin around and underneath my left eye. Initially I thought that it was time to start moisturizing in the morning as a result of reaching 30. But this seems to exacerbate the problem, if anything. Washing it makes it worse, and moisturizing makes it worse, so I'm at a real loss. It's so bad, that if I were to scratch my face, it starts coming off as grey stuff underneath my nails. And it's only on the one side of the face, making me look even more weird. Starting to effect my confidence and really get on my nerves. What's a lad to do about this? I appreciate suggestions. Thanks for reading

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