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  1. Agree..... Tape will be the most budget friendly and may be even convenient way to cover and shape (lift for example). Depends on your goals..... Just cover a bit - nipple covers (not sure if it is the proper name for the product). You can find them at Victoria's Secret or Amazon..... Silicon cups..... They will not lift much (as far as I know little transparent shoulder stripes are usually included in a set) but cover and look good under the clothes - yes......
  2. For me it was my 3rd grade - I've started putting makeup on my Gramma She totally let me do that! How amazing she is! And we've been playing every day! Than I got makeup artist diploma in Europe. And now I have my Beauty YouTube Channel ...... Little more than you've expected to hear but......
  3. I'll just let you know what works for me in this case and it's up to you to decide..... May be you'll just try..... 1. Hydratation is the most important: 2 litters of water a day. On top of that for every cup of coffee consumed drink a cup of water. 2. Skin prep. Exfoliate. Depending on your skin of course.... But I go at least 1 time a week with a scrub. Also once a week I'll go for a cleansing mask. Usually it's clay of charcoal.... can be a peel-off mask. 3. Choose foundation you like. From higher end my fav would be Shameless by Mark Jacobs (the most beautiful one! better than my Dior Nude - same price point) The drugstore I like now is Wet'n'Wild Photo Finish!!! Soooo good! 4. Oil!!! If you'll mix 1 drop of face oil (Kiehl's Daily Reviving Concentrate - the one I use right now, but you can find it in a lot of brands e.g. Physitian's Formula, Urban decay, Tart) into foundation (put some on the tray or small plate and mix together) 5. At the end of makeup use setting spray, moisturizing spray .... of your choice...... These are the steps working for me..... Hope it was helpful. Let me know! Good Luck!!
  4. This is a tutorial on an Amazing Spring Makeup Look With Pink Eyeshadows! Inspired by Kim Kardashian Makeup! Recently in her instagram Kim published pictures with the most beautiful pink eyeshadow look! That was an inspiration for my today's makeup. Enjoy....
  5. New Urban Decay Backtalk Palette is launching at Sephora Tomorrow 3/8. Your thoughts.... Is anyone going to buy it? What do you think about shade range, guys??? So curious to find know your opinions!
  6. Has anyone ordered the vitamins Youtuber Tati Westbrook came out with? The Halo Beauty ones? It caused so much controversy!!!!
  7. Hope it is same quality as the classic palette (e.g. Natural Matter). I really enjoy the one I have. Never had any issues texture- or pigment- wise. I don't want to sound cliche, however the unicorns, mermaids and the rest of the beautiful fantasy world should stay in 2017 (when it was a boom). It is all pretty and sweet, but I personally feel overwhelmed with all that theme. I would rather go for something more sophisticated or may be even edgy. For summer especially I want more juicy and vibrant colors!
  8. It is great idea to mix it with the other blushes! It can turn out really handy! Nars is a good brand. They do have a lot of high quality products! Blush is definitely one of them!
  9. Am I the only one having this feeling.......? It looks like they just updated the packaging to the cute lace theme, may be switched few colors between existing pallets and that's it? I have their Natural Matte palette - classic version - use it every day in most of my videos 'cause I love the Heaven shade sooo much! Sexpresso, Chocolate Cookie, Lace Teddy, Cashmere Bunny........ Is it just a marketing or they did come out with new shades?
  10. Sounds like something definitely worth trying!!!! Thank you! That was really helpful!
  11. They seem really nice, but for sure I'd like to see them in person first. On swatches the lighter palette (on left) seems to have purplish !!! lavender !!! shade I don't see it flattering to many skin tones..... At the same time the palette on right is absolutely DELICIOUS!!!!
  12. Love the looks they are coming out with!!!!! So juicy and in time for summer!
  13. The only thing I've tried from this brand is Lip Cream. It is absolutely amazing! Glides on perfectly! No bleeding...... Love it! I'm curious where to get the box? I noticed that it's a spoiler.... But it seems to be the full size products, is that right?
  14. Hi, everyone! I know I'm new here but I'm very passionate about makeup, and here I've found a lot of fun and helpful tips for makeup, even being a makeup artist. You all are great! Not so long ago I've created my YouTube Channel. If you can take a look and give me your thoughts! Your opinion really maters! Love you all!

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