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  1. Does approaching a pregnancy care clinic help if you are trying to conceive? We are planning to get pregnant. We still haven't consulted a gyno yet. I thought maybe a pregnancy care clinic might guide me on getting pregnant fast. What on you think?
  2. Hi This is for my friend. I'm helping her out. So she wants to change her gender through FTM top surgery . But before that, she has to take testosterone shots for about a year. Guys usually have very oily and rough skin. She has a normal skin type now without any pigmentation or open pores. It looks quite flawless, to be honest. She wants to know whether the testosterone shots will change the texture of her face.
  3. Hi I bought this dresser: https://www.surplusfurniture.com/kingston/bedrooms/dressers/grey-dresser.html for my bedroom. I loved the colour of the furniture. It goes well with the walls and other furniture in the bedroom. But it looks very plain. Is there any way I can make it look more girly and vibrant? Please share tips.
  4. Has anyone tried laser hair removal in bikini area? I'm planning to do it. But I'm scared as it is a sensitive area. Please share your experience with me. It would be very helpful.
  5. I add a few drops of mild shampoo in the water and leave the brushes in it for a while. After that, I air dry them. I mostly do this at night. Wash your brushes at least once a week.
  6. Foundation, mascara, brow pencil, black eyeliner, blush, eye-shadow, lipstick/lipgloss and makeup remover are the basic items to start with. You can watch makeup tutorials on Youtube and start mastering the techniques of these. You can go for a beauty blender instead of the brush as it's easy to use and gives a more natural finish than the brushes.
  7. I’m a self-taught makeup artist. I’m starting a new Youtube channel. I’m planning to create makeup and lifestyle videos. I’ve been researching on this topic for a while now and I’m taking tips and opinions from different people. I’m also following so many amazing vloggers. Here are a few of my favourites. All these have definitely helped me improve. But more information never hurts right? So I'm here to get more tips from you all. What do you think I should do to become a successful Youtuber?
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