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    When you look beautiful you feel beautiful, and it’s that kind of happiness that I try to give to women every day.
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  1. For me the best sanitizer out there is definitely germ-x original hand sanitizer. I use it every day, and definitely does a good job at sanitizing my hands.
  2. Avery654

    Whats your favourite moisturiser ?

    I use aveeno clear complexion mositerizer.
  3. Avery654

    Good Festival looks

    Coloured mascara is officially back with the fashion week seal of approval. Go for more is more chunky lashes in bright pink, blue or yellow.
  4. Avery654

    My new makeup website!

    Great I viewed your website, It's great.
  5. Avery654

    Makeup of the Day!

    You look good, It's so cute.
  6. Avery654

    Skin tightening option

    Well, Procedures like chemial peels, laser, coblation, are great for tightening the skin, and reversing the signs of premature aging due to the sun, cigarette smoke, and environmental oxidants, etc.
  7. Avery654


    I've watched your video tutorial and its great, thank you for the ideas.
  8. Avery654

    Best makeup brushes?

    Great thread, lots of ideas and suggestion. Thanks everyone.
  9. Avery654

    Asian Cleansers pH data

    This is so helpful, Thank you so much.
  10. Avery654

    How does my winged eyeliner look?

    Its nice, maybe you should make it darker to be emphasized. And also I love your eyelashes.
  11. Avery654

    Blush Brushes

    Synthetic haired brush is best to use in applying blush and contouring and for best results, clean or wipe brush after each use. You can visit Elf for great products.
  12. Avery654

    Clean makeup brushes

    I also wash it with conditioner and blow dry it especially when I'm in a hurry.
  13. Avery654

    Skin Care Routine

    Nice thread, thank you for sharing all your beauty products this is so helpful.
  14. Avery654

    Korean Makeup Tutorial

    Great, thank you for sharing your video tutorial.
  15. Treat yourself to one long, luxurious bath a week and give yourself a seriously relaxing soak.
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