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  1. Has anyone tried adult subscriptions before? My husband showed me "The Fantasy Box" and said he thought I'd like it (of course he thinks that). https://www.thriftycrates.com/the-fantasy-box-review/ I don't really know how I feel about it. It doesn't seem too raunchy or anything...but, still. Has anyone subscribed? How is the quality of the toys and lingerie?
  2. For me I would have to go with my black Dior waterproof eyeliner. It is just a perfect basic eyeliner. It is really great for mature eyelids and day looks. You can blend it if needed and stays on for hours. I really just love it!
  3. I am a big fan of the oldies IE: Golden Girls, The Nanny, Dick Van Dyke as well as the Mary Tyler Moore show. It's funny to see how things change in television. I think my current favorite show is Law and Order.
  4. Hey everyone, I have recently been looking into organic products and am hoping someone can tell me about good (or bad) organic skincare products they have used or have heard good things about. I know the organic is supposed to be better so i would like to try one or several if you have any suggestions.
  5. Haha I wonder why @CurlyWoman I try to avoid using a flat iron. I like to use shaping milk, curling mousse, or curl cream that is cheap and will keep my hair under control without making it too crunchy.
  6. I am a big fan of Kylie Cosmetics and I wanted to try out a velvet lipstick because I have quite a few mattes and some of them can be a bit dry. The velvet did not disappoint and I loved it. It was actually very creamy and dried quickly and it also stayed bright all day.
  7. I would most certainly buy a Hermes bag! I am in love with their fuchsia pink crocodile Birkin bag! Sadly I don't have that sort of expendable income and will have to settle for the bargain bin bags
  8. I'm a big candle person and I just love love love love Sweater Weather from Bath and Body Works. Has anyone else used this and enjoyed the scent as much as I do?
  9. I tried using baby shampoo and conditioner as opposed to the standard brush cleaner and I must say that I really like this technique! Thank you so much for this!
  10. I recommend using a hydrating shampoo and conditioner. I personally have started using Living Proof Restore shampoo and conditioner and really love it. I helps hydrate my hair without leaving it with that oily feel. This helps the frizz factor. I also use Captain Blankenship Mermaid Sea Salt Spray to smooth out my hair and prevent frizz.
  11. I just can't bring myself to eat expired foods. I try my best to eat everything I purchase before the exp. date but that proves to be difficult most of the time. To prevent this from happening and wasting food I try to shop for what I will eat within a few days.
  12. I was considering leaving facebook after hearing about this big breach. I was able to see how much information they had on me in my settings section. It is scary to know that everything you put online gets saved in a database! Thank you for sharing these links!
  13. I will definitely take a look at your site. Thank you for sharing
  14. I love to bake and try new dishes. I think it is important to open yourself up to new things so I try all different kinds of foods. I like to work out and enjoy reading. When I am not doing that I actually really enjoy just finding a new program on television and getting wrapped up in the story.
  15. I think its definitely overhyped! I also agree with @UpsnaaPicks that they were able to get influencers early on. BeautyBlender and other off brand products are mostly the same. I think it is just a matter of preference and a matter of budget. I have a few sponges and can't really tell the difference between them. If not beautyblender, does anyone have any favorite sponges they use? I love testing new things out!

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