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  1. Having a beautiful curly vietnam hair has been the dream of many girls because the technology of waving hair is not long ago, when the hair fashion industry in Vietnam, the trend is updated and advanced. Clearly, a curly vietnam haircut is a great way to get rid of unwanted hair. Water waves are not a normal curly style, requiring a different kind of care but can be easily done for you at home. 1. HAPPY HAPPY OR FOR DRY NATURAL HAIR CARE WHEN YOU CARE FOR WATER HAIR CARE Curly or curly vietnam hair is curly and twisted curls in the opposite direction to normal curly vietnam hair, although it is chemically treated but the hair will not be in good harmony if you blow dry hair. right way. Hair care experts recommend that your hair be naturally dry and should not interfere with the heat. At this time just add a little care and push on the hair to the hair in the beautiful salon salon. 2. CHOOSE OILS AND OILS FOR COSMETIC BEVERAGE. In the hair care line often divided into a variety of hair for different hair, with curly vietnam hair, the hair will be very weak and easily break the shake or damage, use shampoo, conditioner and It is specially formulated for damaged hair, or more sophisticated than the ones used for bending hair. It is a hair that has been treated chemically to keep the waves as beautiful as the original limit shampoo and periodic hair to nourish the hair healthy. 3. RESTAURANT HEALTH CARE WAY. Hair comb, seems to work normally everyday and does not affect much of the hair. - Mistake, with curly vietnam hair - if natural or light hair will remain in the original folds. , but when using a comb with small teeth, accidentally pulling the hair incorrectly will cause the hair to lose its curly waves. But with a few changes in the way the brushes will work great results. Place the tip names of the top of the waveguides, lightly brush and stop at each foot of the wave, lightly brush the brush off the toes and repeat with the following waves. A perfect water wave will appear right in front of your eyes with just a few simple tricks right? 4. HOW TO AVOID HARMFUL WOMEN. This factor is not only true for curly vietnam hair but also for all hair styles. Smoke, dust, water, light can cause hair to soften and break. Protect your curly vietnam hair from these damaging effects, and do not forget about the hair salon to take care of your beauty perfectly if you can not do the quiz at home!

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