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  1. Hai Lipsticks and Dipsticks On his way to Meat and Wine Co for lunch, me old mate Jade's went to see Nessa, his local barber. Unfortunately for Jade's Ness cut too close the the scalp. His head looks like it's ready to roll down the lane at the Sunshine West AMF. Should he wear a wig or weave, investigate transplants or simply don his Bunnings hat? Help plz gais!!1!
  2. Hai All, The other day I was lighting a durrie on the gas stove when my moustache caught alight. I've had to use the missus' foundation the past week to cover the burns while the bristle grows back. Have considered asking my fat wristed flog friend if he could spare some wrist-hair but he's currently melting over traffic on South Rd so I might let the flog settle before I approach him. However I digress. My unfortunate accident reminded me of the story below... Women drivers.... Anyway, when have you been in a dire situation and have found comfort in the performance of your makeup?
  3. ^^ have a look folks, this is what happens when you sniff too much acrylic nail polish. Reckon you've exfoliated to close to your brain D/H that you've rubbed away any common sense. Wouldn't come near 100 cyber metres of a 14yo school boy like you posting from his sister's shanty hut in Ballarat while she's out goal umpiring. Now if you will excuse me Mrs MacBoyz_ is about to go down the tavern and I'd like to try on her sephora
  4. As per the title, PM me. I have enough for 4-5 people, mostly black with a few greys chucked in
  5. Lol, you're probably 14 and at school you pubescent spaghetti-arm lipstickdick. You're probably only signed up here to pick up middle aged house mum's with arms that flap like Frang's kite as that's the best a crab-mashed face like you could ever hope for, blushwallah
  6. Shut up D/H! You're probably the kind of hairless Guinea pig pleb who can't change a tyre and plays online pool in the hope of finding love on the internet. Would take you 70 years to grow a moustache glubberhead
  7. Here we go, the Clinique clique on the attack. Go exfoliate your glubber D/H!
  8. Hi All I have a friend who has very hairy wrists. Recently while his wife was over at our place playing cards with Mrs MacBoyz_, she confided that she thinks his big, hairy wrists are grotesque. She's been spiking his lunch with broccoli in the hope he will shed a few kg's but doesn't know what to do about the over abundance of cilla covering his wrists. I tried to broach the use of hair removal cream with him but he simply replied back to me "shut up flog". I guess he thinks hairy wrists are elite :embarrassed face: Do other people like men with hairy wrists/arms/bodies?
  9. Thanks friend, I do sometimes feel stupid putting on her war paint but can't help meself :embarrassed face: The other day while she was out tonguing for durries at the Mansfield Park shopping centre car park I found meself putting on eyeliner and a slightly darker foundation, boy oh boy did I look any good. I can't stop using her pencil. A bit of outline around me eyes really brings out the lushness of my moustache. I think she might be getting suspicious though as her lipstick is shrinking all the time. Might be time to buy a set of Crayolas and swap it with a crayon so I don't get caught
  10. Hi, As per the title, what does everyone think? The picture in my profile is how I currently look. On the plus side, having a moustache makes me look handsome and sophisticated and has earned me the nickname Bristle from me mates at the Mamsfield Park Tavern. However I also tend to get me food stuck in there and I can't order a cappuccino without wearing above me lip. Have been considering hacking the old girl off for a while. Does anyone have any thoughts/suggestions whether I should keep it or if they prefer men with mo's?
  11. Whacking on a bit of Mrs MACboyz_'s Sephora while I'm home alone watching Adelaide lose to Collingwood (lol)

  12. Hi myself MACboyz_. Long time lurker of this forum, first time poster. Just wondering if it's common for any ladies in here that their men wear their makeup? To be honest as soon as Mrs MACboyz_ leaves the house the first thing I do is put on a bit of lippy and foundation. I'm not sure why or whether there is something wrong with me. Right now I'm chopping a three day stubble growth around my moustache so am favouring a darker foundation to accentuate me cheekbones. But I digress. Has anyone else got a hubby that enjoys wearing their makeup?
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