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  1. yes this clay is used for centuries in Morocco. It is a deep cleanser for hair. Very easy to use and no need to use conditioner or any other product to wash your hair (it also detangles hair). And the bonus is that it gives volume to thin hair. The same for skin, if you have oily skin you will love it. It reduce the secretions of sebum. For dry hair and skin, it is better to add oil when mixing the clay with water.
  2. have you heard about rhassoul clay? It will solve your problem of oily and thin hair. You only have to mix the clay with water to have a creamy paste and then wash your hair with this cream , and THAT IS ALL!!! you can fin it here on amazon.com here :Rhassoul clay powder It is a natural and completly safe shampoo😉!! Believe me try it and you will be amazed!!
  3. Have you ever tried Argan oil??? Yes it is an oil but it is for ALL skin type and it helps a lot people with oily skin! Try it on a daily basis and you will see a real difference (5 to 7 days to see the results)
  4. i suggest you a very simple natural tip that is focusing on skin cleanining & moisturizing : try moroccan rhassoul clay mixed with rose water and Argan oil. It will clean perfectly your skin and also moisturize it without leaving any oil residue. Apply the mask and leave on 10 minutes, then rinse. Dry lightly with cotton towel and apply 2/3 drops of argan oil on your face. you can use this mask safely twice a week. For your makeup routine, apply 2/3 drops of Argan oil on your face, wait 5 minutes then you can apply your fondation. Your problem will be solved!!
  5. Hi, I am Soum from Morocco. I want to share with you ancient moroccan beauty secrets.... I have my own brand which is "FHA Naturally Morocco" and my products are now available in USA at Amazon. You can check here : FHA Naturally Morocco Amazon store Thank you for this wonderful forum!
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