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  1. I agree, it is probably one of the ingredients you could be allergic to. My sister has an allergy to glycerine, she cannot use 95% of the skincare products - especially moisturizers out there if that ingredient is listed as any of the first five on the list :/
  2. Hey, aside from thyroid have you asked your doctor to test for iron deficiency? A lot of women suffer from hair loss due to this. After child birth I went through a period of losing hair and I used a product called 'Divine Herbal Hair Oil' which put a stop to it quite quickly. It's only available in the UK but they ship to me, a bit pricey when including shipping but I don't mind as it works. I think in your situation maybe go back to your doctor and get iron levels tested and if they are low and you are prescribed iron supplements then take Vitamin C to help it absorb and be utilized more efficiently by your body. A lot of folks don't realize that part unfortunately. Hope this helps :)
  3. There's a lot of anti-ageing products with outrageous claims but it really comes down to the ingredients at the end of the day and there are only two that have been proven to help: Retinol and Vitamin C. The latter in particular helps stimulate collagen production. other ingredients such as Vitamin E, Copper Peptides, Ferulic acid etc are good but secondary to retinol and Vit C imo.
  4. Mine has to be good old Mac. Almost always get a good color match and so many different foundation types. Love Bobbi Brown too
  5. I have tons of masks lying around but just never get time to use them, so for me maybe once per month 😶 I used to mask every couple of days and switch between hydrating, brightening and clarifying masks, nowadays I just don't find the time...
  6. Currently I'm alternating between L'Occitane Verbena Citrus which has been lying in my cupboard unopened for years, also Body Shop Satsuma. I find both of these refreshing and uplifting for summer use when I traditionally turn to anything citrusy or minty to help me cope with the heat lol
  7. I completely agree with above posts - coconut oil and castor oil are great for hair, especially as natural. I also very occasionally use Macadamia Oil Deep Repair Masque, it's a brand carried at the salon I go to. A bit heavy for my hair but if used every now and again it helps keep tangles out and frizz-free.
  8. I like 'Carmex Cherry Moisturizing lip balm'' for a few reasons: 1. It has SPF, 2. It lasts ages, 3. tastes like cherries (yum) and the price point - it's super affordable. Oh and it works! :)
  9. My fave has to be La Mer's Hand Treatment...the only problem is the price! Used to be semi-affordable but no longer. I think once I've used up the current tube (and cut it in half to scoop out every last drop lol) it will be my last :/
  10. I recently got hold of a small Diptyque candle (Baies) which i'd been hearing good things about since forever. I didn't get much throw from it at all. I wonder if it's to do with the size. Has anyone else used these with a different outcome?
  11. I agree with all the above. In my case dairy specifically causes my scalp dermatitis to flare up. Had this for almost 2 decades and only just realized the connection a cpl weeks back 😐
  12. I'm super-oily...I'm talking a dozen blotting sheets soaked through within several hours on a cold winters day! For organic moisturizers I have a few faves: Herbfarmacy Nourishing Cream, Heaven Youthful Moisturizer and Jurlique Balancing Day Care Cream - which is probably the lightest of them all. There are many others - the above are only because they are the very few which are both organic and more importantly glycerine-free (as it causes me acne, weird right?) I agree with above poster, Argan oil works too and didn't break me out either which was a surprise.
  13. Hey. I considered Miradry too but I'm not too keen on what I've read about soreness to be expected during downtime. It's still a fairly new procedure so hopefully in coming years can be improved and made less invasive. Currently I get botox done on my underarms every 3-4 months. It hurts but bearable, completely depends on your pain threshold of course. Finding the cost more off-putting than the pain tbh! Before that I was using sweat pads.
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