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  1. reynescabruner

    New Limited Edition Palettes by Ester Lauder

    Nice! Gotta have one for my photo shoot event next week. I'm quite ready, as I'm done with my facial care, next would be to have a nice and quality makeups.
  2. reynescabruner

    facial skin feels rough?

    I have that problem before, too. Glad I found my now favorite beauty hub in Marietta, GA. Chemical peeling works best to me. They would suggest what kind of peeling requires for your skin type.
  3. reynescabruner

    Toner breaks me out

    Why is that? My face reacts the opposite, though. I love how toner makes to my face, makes my skin smoother and pores are thinner. Better ask your dermatologist about that, they would know better.
  4. reynescabruner

    How to treat dark eye circles?

    I used to have that problem too before, but when I tried Microcurrent Non-Surgical Facelift, I started to noticed improvements on my dark eye circles, too. Been my favorite since then.
  5. reynescabruner

    My skin is bad in summer

    Yeah! And my skin starts getting flaky too. Also the reason why I often go to a beauty hub to maintain my skin in balance. Aging Well Peel works best to me.
  6. reynescabruner

    What's Your Daily Skin Care Routine?

    Awesome! Reading through here helped me and I learn a lot of skin care tips. I usually just get my makeup using a makeup remover (Night tine) and cleanse my face with a facial soap or toner, then that's it. I can then go to sleep. However, I make sure to get a facial treatment once a week or thrice a month.
  7. reynescabruner

    Food to avoid for skincare

    Agree! Though, I still eat any of it but not to the extent of indulging them. Eat a bit, just to justify my cravings. Because it's really hard to stay away from them (honestly).. 😂😋
  8. reynescabruner

    Hair Removal

    I guess not, as long as you do it with the professional. Having your waxing needs done by a professional at a waxing salon is your best option for getting a clean wax on any area of your body. So better not do it alone, specially if your doing it on your [cat].
  9. reynescabruner

    Food to avoid for skincare

    Well, Foods that I mostly know that we should avoid for skin are the ones containing caffeine, sugar, salty and oily. The foods I most of the time really eat and my favorite. 😪
  10. reynescabruner

    Anti-aging Creams

    Cool! Thank you for sharing.
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