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  1. I am actually looking for the name of a specific hair product that I acquired a sample of last spring. The best description I have for it is “A DRY OIL or SPRAY ON SHINE MIST, possibly a HEAT PROTECTANT but I can’t remember for sure, SEE THROUGH BOTTLE that pushed the oil upwards as I used it, NORMAL OIL TO A LIGHT SPRAY/MIST, GREY, DARK GREY OR BLACK + YELLOW OR LIME GREEN LABEL with a YELLOW OR LIME GREEN SPRAY NOZZLE *I don’t remeber the scent*” I only got about 4-5 uses if I remember correctly because it was a small sample size bottle. I blow dryed my hair and then sprayed this product on each layer of my hair, root to tip. I went through after I sprayed each layer and ran my straightener over it and my hair felt amazing, honestly it didn’t even feel like my hair. It was shiny, and thin feeling still but 100% frizz free, plus my split ends were concealed- looked like I had healthy, split less ends. It didn’t leave my hair looking greasy or oily at the top and it held up in the humidity, my hair looks straighter than it usually does after flat ironing it with other products or without products all together. It looks like it hydrates and toughens my hair while adding a sleek volume to it plus concealing my split ends/dry ends. I’m almost certain this product was mostly for superficial details of the hair and that is strictly for styling and prepping, not for repairing or conditioning or protecting. I cannot remeber for sure if it was also a heat protectant but it’s very possible that it was since I really didn’t experiment too much with products that weren’t also a heat protectant. Hands down the best product I have ever used on my hair. I have checked the more popular brands that Walmart and Walgreens carry also checking online on Amazon. I have looked through these brands in store and skimmed through online: Aussie, Garnier, L’Oréal, Dove, Pantene, Tresemme, Miracle 10, Organix, Chi, Nexxus, Biolage and possibly a few others. I have typed in several different search terms like “dry oil heat protectant” “frizz control dry oil” “spray on shine mist” and a few other similar terms, I even added the packaging description and after looking through pages and pages on my google search page, I still haven’t even come across a bottle with the same or similar labeling. I do recall the bottle being see though/clear at the parts that weren’t covered by the labe and I remeber that unlike most spray on oils that have a spritzer nozzle attached to a Straw that sucks the oil up and sprays it out. With this bottle I didn’t pump the nozzle for each single spray, I held the nozzle down and the product sprayed continuously. As I sprayed the product on my hair a plastic piece at the bottle of the bottle on the inside rose, pushing the oil up with useuntil all the oil had been pushed up and sprayed out. If I remeber correctly I didn’t recognize the Brand on the label plus I tried to find it on Amazon when I first ran out of it and had no luck. And honestly, I do t think I’ve ever tried harder to find something than I have this product. Open to ideas, hints, or suggestions that either help me find the specific product I’m looking for or introduce me to other products that have given you results similar to the those I had and am looking to get again. For those that read the entire post thank you. I know it’s long and xxxtra detailed but these beauty forums and boards are my last stop before I call it quits and just start wasting money again searching for the 2nd best hair product lol I have added pictures of my hair roots to ends- lease take a peek at the condition of my hair before giving me any recommendations on other products. Thank you in advance for any helpful hints, ideas or suggestions.
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