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  1. We all know that hair fall is a very common problem for girls. I had also suffered from same problem before. Then I visited to my nearest parlour Bluedrake for my treatment. I got some good suggestion and treatment from them. You can contact them for your problem.
  2. Thanks for this question. Now all are worried about acne in the face. You remove acne scars on your face in a few days. For acne Ayurveda facial is good for all skin. It’s really worked for all dry & oily skin. This facial removes acne and keep your face glowing & refreshing. I always prefer “Bluedrake” for Ayurveda facial.
  3. Now pimple is a common problem for all youth. A pimple occurs when your skin’s oil glands are overactive and pores become inflamed. I had also suffered the same problem before. I also used many products and treatments for my skin but there was no result. After that, I contacted Bluedrake (www.bluedrake.in) for treatment. After following their treatment my problem was solved. Really it is working.
  4. In summer days is very difficult for skin protection. we know that it’s very difficult to maintain our skin those days. But if you want to have the clear, unbroken skin which looks young, and then it goes a long way to making your face look fresh in those days. If you need then can be used. 1. Consider Changing Your Face Wash 2. Do Not Forget Sunscreen 3. Add A Punch Of Antioxidants 4. Keep Yourself Hydrated 5. Go Easy On Makeup 6. Update Your Moisturizer 7. Tone Your Skin Recently I had suffered many skin problems. After that, I contacted Bluedrake for my skin treatment. After that now my skin was fine.
  5. We all know that hair fall is a very common problem for girls. A few months ago I had suffered from hair thinning and hair loss. I have soft, shiny and straight hair. It is so painful to see hair loss problem in reality. At that time my mum suggested me to contact with Bluedrake for my hair fall treatment. They provide some hair fall treatment. After that, I love this parlor and their nice service.
  6. We know that the skin is the largest organ, and it covers the entire body. It’s very difficult to maintain clear skin these days. Greasy food, pollution, the weather and even the occasional rise in hormones can lead to pimples, blackheads or tired looking skin. Recently I had suffered many skin problems like skin roughing, pimples, dark spot etc. Then my friend suggested me to contact Bluedrake (www.bluedrake.in) for my skin treatment. After that treatment, my skin was free from roughing also solving all problems. Below I have mentioned some Simple Ways to keep your skin fresh. 1. Sleep for 6-8 hours every day. 2. Start your day with exercise. 4. Do not skip breakfast. 5. Drink much water. 6. Eat at least one fruit daily.
  7. There are many reasons for scar appearing under your eye and face. I had also suffered the same problem. I had used many products and treatments for my skin but there was no result. At that time my mother suggested me to contact Bluedrake for my scar treatment. After that, my skin has glowing more and my skin scars also removed. Below I have mentioned some points to remove scars. 1. Fade away scars with a hydrolyzed collagen gel. 2. Go organic with this fade balm. 3. Fade acne scars with botanical extracts. 4. Treat sensitive skin with Arnica Montana. 5. Apply Aloe Vera to renew and replenish. 6. Help skin heals with lemon oil and vitamin e 7. Protect fresh scars with silicone sheets.
  8. Nowadays all the girls are very skin protective. I am also very worried about my skin. Recently one month back I had suffered many problems for my skin, like skin roughing, pimples, dark spot etc. At that time I used my products and remedies for my skin after that also irritating. Then my friend told me the home treatment at that time I contacted Bluedrake for my skin treatment. After that, my skin was free from roughing also solving dark spot problems. Below I have mention how to keep your face clean daily. 1. Figure out what kind of skin you have. 2. Use a simple face wash twice a day. 3. Pat your skin dry with a clean towel 4. Use toners 5. Treat the skin around your eyes gently 6. Don't touch your face
  9. You can create eye-catching looks with short hair whether it’s for work, a casual meeting or a party. I have short hair but I always do new hairstyles like twist hairdo, Bouffant, twisted French twist etc. Last month I went to my friend’s marriage and for this wedding party, I went to Bluedrake parlor for making some hairstyle. Really they made a very good hairstyle and after seeing that, I forgot that I have short hair.
  10. Dark circles under the lower eyelids are common in women. To reduce the dark circles you have to sleep tight, don’t use more cosmetics over your eyes and you should go for facial treatment at a good parlor like Bluedrake. One of my friends had dark circles and she followed all these things and went to this parlor. Now she has a healthy glowing face which has no dark circles.
  11. Hair loss is a common problem for every girl. Someday ago I had hair falls and I was worried. My mother suggested me to apply coconut oil on the scalp and use onion juice once in the week. I did all these things and went to the Bluedrake parlor for the hair spa. Now my hair fall is less. I suggest you do all these things to get rid of hair loss.
  12. My daily skin care routine is simple. I always clean my face with the face wash after coming from outside. When I go outside in the morning I always apply broad-spectrum sunscreen lotion on my face and at night I put some olive oil on a cotton pad and gently massage the oil on the face to get rid of the makeup and dirt. Sometimes I go to the (http://www.bluedrake.in/) parlor for facial. This parlor provides good service to their customers. So I choose them.
  13. You can use some natural remedies like turmeric, lemon, apply green tea on your face etc to reduce pimples. Some days ago I have pimples on my face and I was so worried. I use all these home remedies and go for a natural facial in Bluedrake (http://www.bluedrake.in/ which is a good parlor providing natural services for their customers. Now my face is totally pimple free and glowing like previous.
  14. You can use hydrating mango face cream for keeping your skin glow and younger. Sometimes you may do anti-aging facial in a parlor. I am in 35 age, I use that cream and do facial once in a month in the parlor Bluedrake. They have natural products for the use of anti-aging facial.
  15. When it comes to facial with natural products then the skin will not be rough. You can use some home remedies like honey for keeping your skin glow. Honey, when taken internally and externally, is excellent for the skin. Personally, I use honey, Turmeric for my skin and sometimes I do facial in Bluedrake parlor. This parlor uses natural products for facial.
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