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  1. That's pretty impressive. I love this kind of activities too but sadly I don't have much time for these nowadays. Though I'm a big fan of hiking thanks to this. So if you're still around then PM me, we could go on hike together. I also love food, I guess everyone does. You can't go wrong with that ?
  2. I would definitely go for elongated toilet. We have two of these installed in our house and I'm so used to those. Though American Standard is a decent brand which I was using in my old house, but nowadays Woodbridge is my choice. T0001 is a good choice indeed, it's even mentioned on Sanitaryreview as one of the best choices due to it's compact size and minimalistic design. Though I must say that you posted a wrong photo, T0001 is has more cubic shape.
  3. I used to have these, but now after some bathroom remodeling I have two big beautiful organizers made of wood. I installed these along my toilet, by the way, I could not find a suitable one for a long time. Fortunately I got advice by Gerald Carpenter and finally finished it.
  4. I can listen to music freely in my office.
  5. I use Banana Boat Dry Balance Sunscreen Spray. It's cheap but still rather effective
  6. Good luck! Sounds really great
  7. The effect from those whitening strips will not last long. Moreover, some of them can make your teeth more sensitive as it was before. Such remedies should not be used too often. I try to use only natural teeth care products because a big amount of chemicals can cause a lot of harm. Not only to your teeth but also to your stomach. I even bought a bamboo toothbrush to get rid of the plastic one. Do not use such products! A good toothpaste or powder is just enough to make your teeth healthy.
  8. I used to have one of those. No complains - this thing is totally worth buying it.
  9. My 45-year old friend made a tattoo and it looks just awesome! I couldn't even imagine that she will make this step - her lifestyle is totally misfitting it (she works as a consultant in a bank). But I have to admit that the orchid on her back looks just stunning.
  10. Hi everyone! I'd like to know if there any cat and dog owners among us? I have both a cat and dog and they are real friends to me. Nothing can be compared with the feeling when they run to you after a long working day. I think that our younger brothers deserve a thread here where we could discuss different tips on how to make their life better. Everything goes here: diet, medication, teaching and simply interesting stories about your pets. I'll start from the article with the descriptions of all methods of avoiding flea infestation, both chemical and natural. I think many of pet owners faced this problem and it may come in handy. The aim of the thread is to gather as many useful tips as possible, so don't be shy and share your experience!
  11. Used to play Pokemon Go ?. I just loved the series about those creatures when I was younger. Now I don't have much time for catching 'em all but I'm still a big fan of Pokemon. Fortunately, I've found an alternative Pokemon-based app which saves my time and rather interesting as well. Does anybody like such stuff?
  12. I would spend it on shoes and purses ?
  13. Choosing good hair dryer for me its the biggest problem. I have damaged hair, so I should be very careful about it. I travel a lot and need something compact and still good quality. And I think choosing hair dryer is very individual for everyone, I have good professional one, use it a few years and never had problems with it. But for my friend, who has naturally curly hair it's not so good. Read the description and choose better for your hair you can on this site. Also when you choose read brand, look for some review and consult in a salon or shop.

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