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  1. At the recent REEL Awards 2019 held on 26th March 2019 in Mumbai, Alia Bhatt took home the trophy for the Best Actress for her film Raazi. Winning the award, the actress stated in her acceptance speech that for her, filming and shooting for a film is like being on a holiday, and the win is the post-vacation weight that she needs to shed, in order to be healthy again. She further went on to say that a holiday gets paid off when you gain weight and if you want to be healthy again, you must loose it. Winning the award was the weight gained, and losing it is equally important. Therefore, going back to ground zero is essential, so that as an actress Alia Bhatt can be here again the next time and lose it all over again.
  2. Ever wondered how does summer impact your skin? The Indian summer can be pretty harsh on your skin if you do not pay attention. Just like you change your wardrobe every season, your skin requires seasonal change as well. To much sun not only tans your skin but also leads to premature ageing. So, what to do for skincare in summer? Follow the tips: ·Keep your skin clear of dust and sweat. You could encounter maximum break-outs and pimples in this season. Keep it hydrated constantly ·Use products appropriate to the weather. The creams should allow you to breathe naturally ·Follow the age-old principles of cleaning, toning, and moisturising before going to bed ·Do not forget your sunscreen. UV rays can harm your skin anytime. Find the right SPF ·Use the materials in your kitchen like lemon and tomato. They maintain the freshness of your skin ·Protect your eyes and lips with sunglasses and lip balm respectively ·Your hygienic habits also go a long way. If you bathe twice, it keeps you fresh the entire day ·Eat cool food items like cucumber, watermelon, coconut water, etc. ·Ensure to wear comfortable fabrics which allow you to breathe and keeps you cool ·Embrace the sun as it is mood-boosting hormone Ensure to follow this skincare in summer tips and flaunt your radiant look.
  3. A bride's wedding ensemble speaks of her style. The bridal market is broadly divided into saris, lehengas, and gowns. If you are tying knot soon or know someone who is going to get hitched, try out the cohesive guide on designer dresses for wedding. Types of Indian wedding dresses: ·The designer dresses for wedding differs from state to state ·Kashmiri brides wear pherans made of pashminas and gold threads ·Gujarati brides wear two saris in their marriage – a panetar and a gharchola ·Punjabi brides wear a traditional pink lehenga which has hues of red as well ·Bengalis, on the other hand, wear a red and white traditional sari ·Maharashtrians paithani saris are an essential part of their wedding trousseau ·Tamilian and Telugu saris are all about heavy jewellery and kanjeevaram saris
  4. Your bridal lehenga is one of the most important sartorial purchases you make for your wedding. And this is not because you will be clicked all the time, but because it is with this outfit that you will be beginning your life as a missus. These moments will be cherished forever, and your ensemble might even become a family heirloom, who knows! So, if you’re wondering which designer to pick for your bridal lehenga, here are some you must consider. 1. Abu Jani Sandeep Khosla Bridal Wear A favourite among the Bollywood stars, this designer has been attracting people for decades now. With a signature use of mirror work, gota and chikankari, their work is brilliant. 2. Sabyasachi Mukherjee Bridal Wear Sabyasachi and Indian weddings go hand-in-hand. This bridal lehenga designer’s ideas of traditional attires for the millennial bride is what has made him a favourite among celebrity brides. While some may feel that his trousseau is incomplete without a signature creation, some others turn to him for their entire wedding ensemble. Bollywood divas such as Deepika Padukone and Anushka Sharma swore by him for their bridal attire, and we can’t deny that they were fabulous. 3. Anamika Khanna Bridal Wear With a combination of traditional elements and contemporary flair, Anamika Khanna has created some stunning work. She uses homegrown textiles with western silhouettes and believes in supreme sophistication.
  5. Everyone dreams for an elegant wedding dress since their childhood. Right from the exact specification to the material to even sequins, you dream about everything. Nowadays, teenagers are exposed to different designers, thanks to celebrity weddings. So, what should the bride-to-be consider when doing shopping for designer dresses for the wedding: · Hunt for the dress you want before visiting the store. You could take a picture from a fashion magazine or check out a celebrity post on Instagram. · Usually, girls go with a mindset when they do designer dresses for wedding shopping. Be open to some changes you could fall for something better · Bridal sizing could also be different, i.e. it can be one or two inches more than your regular clothes ·Designer dresses take time to deliver. So, shop for them at least 4-8 months before your wedding date
  6. Every year brings you new trends, whether fashion or makeup and 2019 is no different. This year is going to bring all fashionistas some terrific styles and trends. Let’s take a look at some of the makeup trends to watch out for in 2019. ·Rich Reds: Get ready to see some stunning lip hues this winter. From velvet to matte, you will see all shades of deep and true reds this season. ·Fresh Hues: Beginning spring, you will witness natural beauty at its best as enhancing one’s natural lip colour is what’s going to be in. From peaches to sheer berry colours, get ready to see them all. ·Cream Blush: Powder blushes have long gone, and the current focus is on natural, glossy skin. Cream formulas are now in and are the best as they leave you a dewy finish without looking too heavy. ·Graphic Liner: Do you want your eyemakeup to stand out? If yes, the graphic liner is something you must try. Pair colours like deep greens, blues or black liners, keeping the rest of your face to a bare minimum. ·Winged Eye Shadow: If you love the cat eye look, then you must try this style. The winged eye shadow is a twist to the classic cat-eye and can be created using different eyeshadow colours.
  7. The wedding season has just begun,and many brides-to-be are extremely confused about what the colour of their bridal lehenga should be. Making that choice is the toughest part about the entire attire. While we have often heard that the colour red is auspicious for a bride-to-be, in the current day, our fashion-oriented brides don’t want to restrict themselves to the conventional red, maroon or pink coloured attires. They prefer going beyond the regular and opt for tones that we probably never imagined as bridal colours. In the end, it’s all about finding the colour that best suits you, and if you’re one who loves to experiment, then you can surely go beyond the age-old conventional palette. Here are seven bridal lehenga colours for the 2018 and 2019 bride! Blue Gold Purple Orange Ivory Green Yellow
  8. Despite a barrage of beauty products at our perusal, glowing skin can be tad bit elusive. Apart from the tried and tested skincare routines, some natural remedies can deliver natural glowing skin. While most of it depends on the diet regime, there are other ways to healthy skin. How to get glowing skin? Follow these tips: 1) Add olive oil and coconut oil as a part of your beauty routine. They do not contain chemicals and just applying a teaspoon of these ingredients on the dry areas of your skin before sleep, can lead to glowing skin. 2) Apply raw honey mask on the face and keep it for half-n-hour. Remove it with lukewarm water and check how hydrated your skin looks soon after. It also moisturizes it. 3) Try the old school method of haldi and besan. Turmeric removes anti-inflammatory materials, and gram flour gets rid of deep-rooted toxins. 4) Green tea is yet another ingredient that can work wonders on your skin. You can either have it with hot water or apply the powder mixed with yogurt. The latter rejuvenates the skin. It is particularly beneficial for oily skin. If the next time someone asks, ‘how to get glowing skin?’,offer them these suggestions.
  9. Green tea is one of the healthiest drinks on the planet as it is full of nutrients and antioxidants that effects the body in excellent ways; some of which includes fat loss, improved brain function and lower risk of cancer. Here are five benefits of green tea that you probably didn’t know about. 1. Improves Health:Green tea contains bio active compounds and is loaded with polyphenol antioxidants that have many health benefits, including improving one’s health. 2.Improves Brain Function: Green tea contains low caffeine as compared to coffee as well as L-theanine – an amino acid which works synergistically with caffeine, improving the functioning of the brain. 3.Increases Fat Burning: Studies have shown that green tea boosts metabolic rate and increases the burning of fat; also, improving physical performance. 4.Lowers the Risk of Cancer: The tea has antioxidants that could protect you from some types of cancer. 5. Improves Dental health: The catechins present in green tea prevents the growth of bacteria and certain viruses. This, in turn, lowers the risk of infections that could lead to dental health issues. Therefore, improving dental health.
  10. Do you dare to go nude? Let your lips talk with a shade that suits your mood. Here are the best nude lipsticks of 2018. Which one would you own? 1. Flesh – Fleshy Lips Lipstick in Gorge Silky and light-weight, this tone is a perfect match for deeper skin tones. 2. Innisfree – Real Fit Lipstick in Shimmer Pink With a subtle pink tinge, this nude lipstick goes on like a lip balm, leaving your lips with a hydrated sheen. 3. Pat McGrath Matte Trance Lipstick in Christy A pink that’s subtlety hidden by a warm brown undertone, preventing it from looking too rosy. 4. Dior Couture Color Rouge Lipstick in Promenade A natural, creamy shade that’s perfect for medium and deep skin tones. 5. Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipstick in Naked Look like a golden Goddess in this golden tinted nude lipstick that’s perfect for warm-toned fair skin.
  11. Short hair is easy to maintain. There was a time when waist length hair was the go-to hairdo and considered beautiful. These days short hair is something that stands out in the crowd. Short hair is also playful,and there are many cool ways to dress them up. Here are some of the new hairstyles for short hair that are eye-catching. 1) The blunt shoulder-length bob: The bob hairstyle for girls is sophisticated, stylish, and can be customized depending on your unique facial structure. Fashion icon Victoria Beckham is wearing this cut, which is one of the reasons to inspire you. 2) Beachy waves: A go-to new hairstyle for short hair that never fails. Wear your hair with messy waves for a casual look, putting together a polished vibe. You can use a straightener on the lower strands to add some flair to the look. 3) Tie a scarf around: Let your hair down and bring out the 60s vibe. Tying a scarf around your head will take a few seconds.But if you need a bit of more help, there are tons of wrap-style headbands in the accessory market to rock the look without making the extra effort.
  12. It is always an unfinished task offinalisinga hairstyle for important outings.Even though we have got options, we tend to stick to the same old hairstyle. Hence, to save you from hassle, we have picked out few trending new hairstyles that are worth a try. 1) Messy top knot: Being lazy is a virtue for messy top knot. This hairstyle is similar to the tight top knot is currently trending among celebrities as well. Making the knot, spritz your hair with some dry shampoo to soak up any excess oil. 2) Lower braid: This year, low braids are taking over ponys. You can wear the braid in a sleek manner with middle partition, complete the look by wearing oversized hoops. It will give out the airy, chic vibe. For a light brunch, you can also try loose hair braid and finish the look off by spritzing it with a strong-hold hairspray that will keep the hair locks into place. 3) Sleek Bob: 2018 was dominated by this new hairstyle: Bob. Throughout the year, most celebs were spotted with chopped off hair into a blunt or A-line version of the cut. Although a bob can be styled in a myriad of ways, sleek and straight will give the cut even more of '90s vibe.
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