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  1. Mary McBride

    My daily Hair care routine

    I'm looking for some product that can help me with my hair problem. Lucky that I found your thread.
  2. Mary McBride

    Glowing skin

    That's looks cool, I don't have any knowledge about make-up but this looks gorgeous
  3. Loooking forward for its result, I'm praying for you as well.
  4. Mary McBride

    just signed up!

    Congratulations to you and yeah, there's a lot of genius makeup artist more here.
  5. Thanks for sharing this article, but seriously, depression is one of the main discussion in a society nowadays especially to teenagers.
  6. Mary McBride


    Yeah, lets support the animal cruelty free makeup product.
  7. Mary McBride

    Any remedy to fade the scars quickly?

    Didn't know that Coconut Oil can help in healing and fading scars. It's really interesting!
  8. Mary McBride

    Makeup of the Day!

    I really like the color combination of your eye makeup. It's so cool
  9. Mary McBride

    Bio oil for stretch marks

    Is it really working? Or people just using it wrong?
  10. Thanks for this skin care routine, I'm glad that you shared it here.
  11. Mary McBride

    What's Your Daily Skin Care Routine?

    I haven't done any day and night skin care routine hahaha like seriously. But, reading this thread makes me think that I need to do it.
  12. Mary McBride

    All Natural Skincare Products

    Hoping and wishing for the success of your business.
  13. Mary McBride

    Ohhhhh.. Amazon makeup tools !!!

    Wow! Those colors are so beautiful 😍.
  14. Mary McBride

    Solution for hair loss

    Stress is the one main cause of hair loss. But if you want to take a supplement you can take a hair moisturizer just to relax your hair.
  15. Mary McBride

    Finally a good Makeup Brush Cleaner

    Cool. I think I need one of those, can't wait to get mine!!
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